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Pooja Makhijas Cool Cucumber Sandwich Is The Nutrient Powerhouse Your Diet Needs



The beauty of a sandwich is that it is one of the most versatile food items you can make and have at any hour of the day. What goes inside the sandwich is a matter of nutritional creativity — one can knock themselves out with the sheer range of ingredients they use as the sandwich filling. However, you can also not deny that some ingredient combinations will definitely be healthier than others. Take for instance this recipe of a gorgeously healthy sandwich that nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared on her Instagram just a few hours ago.

Not only is the sandwich a vibrant riot of colours it is also high on nutritional content and taste. But what does this sandwich contain you ask?

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Well, Pooja calls it the cool cucumber sandwich, so suffices to say it comprises just a couple of healthy and very tasty ingredients. On her Instagram Reels, Pooja shows us how easy it is to make it.

First, peel the cucumbers longitudinally into thin flat slices. Now take your bread and cover one side of each slice with a layer of hung curd. Put the cucumber slices diagonally over the curdy layer and cut off the sides so the cucumbers align with the end of the sandwich. Then on the other side of the bread, spread a layer of pesto. Add your favourite veggies. Pooja added sauteed mushrooms and bean sprouts for its high protein quotient. You can now cut your sandwich in half and voila, it is good to go. The caption is proof of how potent this sandwich is as a part of any healthy diet, “An easy recipe which everyone will love! Balanced protein carbs fats plus vitamins and minerals.”

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You can also try out this delicious egg and cheddar cheese sandwich, the recipe of which you can find here.

Will you be trying Pooja’s cool cucumber sandwich? Let us know in the comments.

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