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Malaika Aroras Immunity-Booster Is A Glass Of Turmeric Milk: Heres How You Can Add Turmeric To Your Diet



Turmeric is one of the most versatile spices in the world. It has multiple benefits, from being used for medicinal purposes to a beauty product. It even gained international popularity when turmeric milk became a rage known as ‘golden milk’. Well, whether it is called golden milk or golden latte, to us it will always be ‘haldi doodh’. The drink has been a household remedy in every Indian home for all kinds of maladies ranging from fevers to lack of sleep. Actress Malaika Arora, too, seems to be indulging in this healthy drink every day to boost her immunity and maintain her health.

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Her latest Instagram Stories shows a glass of the humble turmeric milk, which she has captioned, “My daily #immunitybooster”. Take a look at her post here: 

Turmeric is an essential part of any desi household’s spice rack. Apart from being used in facemasks or as a medicine for cuts and wounds, it’s known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric even relieves pain and also keeps wounds from getting affected as it is anti-bacterial. It’s a rich source of antioxidants that prevents aging and keep your skin supple and glowing. It is an immunity booster as it possesses antiviral and antifungal properties. Know more about it here.

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Making turmeric milk is very simple. Here’s how you can make it:

All that you need is one tablespoon turmeric powder, some milk, and a teaspoon of sugar (optional). Warm the milk and add the turmeric powder and sugar. Mix it well and have it. Click here to know about the benefits of turmeric milk.

Looking for more delicious ways to add turmeric into your daily diet? Here are some yummy recipes for you to try:

1) Masala Haldi Doodh

If you don’t enjoy the plain flavour of turmeric and milk, spice up your recipe literally. This recipe includes some flavourful spices like cinnamon and pepper to add a delicious twist to regular turmeric milk.

2) Orange Turmeric and Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie

Try this quick and easy recipe that blends the freshness of oranges with the sweetness of vanilla and creamy yogurt to create a deliciously thick smoothie. It is healthy and wholesome.

3) Mint And Turmeric Chutney

The perfect accompaniment to every meal, this chutney adds the delicious freshness of mint leaves mixed with sweet but tangy plum jam and spicy green chilies to make a lip-smacking chutney.

4) Turmeric Lemon Tea

Enrich your mornings with a healthy dose of immunity boosters by brewing a cup of tea with some ginger, lemon, and turmeric. It is healthy as well as the perfect concoction for those looking to lose weight.

5) Turmeric Kulfi

Who says turmeric can only be used in savoury dishes. Try this sweet and creamy kulfi recipe packed with the goodness of turmeric. You can also add some saffron or nutmeg to make this kulfi even more delectable.

Which of these turmeric-infused recipes was your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.

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