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Nissan Z will just be Z, not 400Z, source says, sharing other details



There’s a reason we have a “Rumormill” logo: A guy-who-knows-a-guy wrote a post at the 400Z Club forum pertaining to Nissan’s upcoming rework of the Z, and if it’s correct, the forum’s going to have to figure out a new name for itself. The car, in this telling, won’t be called the Nissan 400Z, a moniker we all admittedly just assumed. It’ll simply be the Nissan Z.

More precisely, it will remain the Fairlady Z in Japan, and will be called the Nissan Z in other markets.

The poster “Houston.Z35,” who says he’s getting this from relatives who live close to the action at Nissan’s Tennessee plant, has lots more info. Which could be accurate, inaccurate, or subject to change. Reach for your shaker of salt and read on:

  • MSRP will be $34,995. That’s for the base car, no options, and presumably not including destination fee.
  • All cars, including the base model, will get the 400-horsepower version of the VR30DDTT V6 that’s currently in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 Red Sport. 
  • The car will come with the same six-speed manual that’s in the 370Z, or a Mercedes-Benz 9G-Tronic nine-speed torque-converter automatic.
  • Dry weight, 3,252 pounds, which is a bit over the 370Z’s wet weight of 3,232 pounds. And presumably that’s for a base with manual.
  • All cars will also come with a digital dash, the rear duckbill we saw days ago in leaked photos from 400Z Club, and Android Auto / Apple CarPlay.

Moving up from the base model, you’d get:

  • The Type S, presumably for sport: Adds Brembo brakes, thicker sway bars, coolers and “other stuff.”
  • The Type T, presumably for touring: Nicer appointments including heated and cooled leather seats and driver assists.
  • Or the Type ST, which is all of the above.
  • The S and T will cost about $5K more, the ST about $10K.

And, if this isn’t burying the lede, the source says a Nismo version will come along. Houston calls it a “baby GT-R” … “It won’t just be a body kit, exhaust, tune and some badges this time.” 

Convertible? No sign of one for now.

Check out Houston’s report at the forum.  And then, we’ll see about all that.

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