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Make 2-Ingredient Amaranth Chikki This Winter For Your Weight Loss Or Diabetes Diet

Some foods like revari and chikki make a short appearance during peak winter and when they do, Indian households stack them up to have them almost every day. Chilkki or gajak is a sweet Indian snack or dessert that spells warmth and comfort. Chikki made of gur and peanuts is the most common one you’ll find in confectionery shops and roadside stalls. But there is a huge variety of chikki out there that you can explore to try it in different flavours and textures.

This chikki made with amaranth seeds is the best pick for those who wan’t to try a healthier version of chikki for weight loss diet or diabetes diet. Amaranth is also known as rajgira, cholia or as ‘ramdana’, which translates to ‘God’s own grain’.

Amaranth or rajgira flour contains a good amount of lysine, which can help in absorption of calcium
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Ladoos made with amaranth is a popular traditional Indian dessert. It is usually served during fasting festivals like Navratri. Many people also include the seeds in the recipe of bread, soup, salad and even desserts. This amaranth chikki is one such recipe that you must try in winter for good health.

You just need two ingredients to make this winter delight – amaranth and jaggery. If you want, you can also add dry fruits like cashews, peanuts, almonds and walnuts to add more flavours and some more crunch to it.

Do try this healthy chikki recipe this winter.

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