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Kitten rescued from Nissan Rogue’s engine compartment after highway ride



Now is the time of year that animals love to hunker down away from the cold winter weather, and sometimes, they choose cars as their warm sanctuary. We found that out the hard way with our long-term Hyundai Palisade, but here’s a much happier story. 

Brought to our attention by Jalopnik, a small, rogue kitten was just rescued from a Nissan Rogue. The little dude was in the car for a while traveling down the highway when those in the car started to hear tiny screams. So, as anyone would do, they pulled over.

It’s at this point in the story that the Bear Creek Township Fire and Rescue Department of Pennsylvania came to the rescue. The fire department located the kitten stuck in the car’s engine compartment and proceeded to disassemble what needed taking out in order to lift the kitten out of the car. From the image posted on the Fire Department’s Facebook page, we know that at least the front bumper cover was removed. In total, the removal job took about an hour and a half.

And look at the happy, little kitten! The family driving the Rogue ended up adopted the cat, later posting a photo of the freshly bathed kitty wrapped up in a robe — so this story has an extremely happy ending.

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