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Waymo to add Zeekr-built electric van to fleet of autonomous test vehicles



Waymo just revealed a new van that it plans to introduce to its fleet one day. It’s being built in collaboration with Zeekr, a brand under the Geely empire.

First impressions of the exterior are good, as we instantly got VW ID.Buzz vibes from its friendly shape and proportions. This Waymo Zeekr van is planned to be fully electric, but any specs concerning range or power are unavailable as of today.

Instead of driver-centric specs, Waymo and Zeekr have provided details and a quick glimpse of the interior. After all, the whole point of the van is to ride in it, not drive it. You’ll notice that there are two sliding doors that open opposite one another, revealing an entrance way devoid of pillars for easy loading and unloading. The floor itself is entirely flat for maximum convenience. Its van-like proportions allow for lots of legroom and headroom, and the seats are adjustable to your preference, as well. Passenger amenities include an abundance of ports for charging and a screen to punch in where you’d like to go.

Zeekr says the vehicle has been designed as a rider-centric car from the outset, but it will still offer two cabin options. One will include a traditional steering wheel and pedals, while the other will not. No timetable is provided for when the version without driver controls is coming.

There’s no timeline for anything related to the vans either beyond “in the years to come.” Zeekr will be developing the van at its R&D facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, and then Waymo will take delivery in the U.S. and fit its “Waymo Driver” technology to it, so the van can drive autonomously. Basically, don’t expect these to begin turning up all over the country anytime soon.

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