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Husband Mistakes Flowers To Be Spring Onions, Wife Shares Funny Story



The internet often makes us laugh with hilarious posts, videos and stories being shared by users. Recently, a Twitter user made us crack up with his Photoshop skills by cleverly showing himself to be inside the fridge. We also read the story of how a South African man taught a lesson to an impatient woman behind him at a McDonald’s drive-through, by paying for her food and then taking it away. In another funny anecdote shared on Twitter, a wife revealed how her husband mistakenly put flowers in the fridge, thinking that they were spring onions! Take a look at the post here:

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In the funny story, Twitter user Helen Newman narrated how she had ordered some British-grown Daffodil flowers for herself, but she was left puzzled when they did not arrive. She kept waiting for them to come, even filed a complaint to get a refund. Then, she figured out that her husband Dave actually had received the Daffodils and kept them in the fridge. He mistakenly assumed that they were spring onions and not flowers! “They’ve been in the fridge for the last three days,” revealed Newman.

The hilarious story went viral, receiving nearly 90k likes and several thousand retweets and comments. Twitter users could understand the genuine mistake, as the Daffodil stems indeed looked exactly like spring onions. Take a look at how the users reacted:

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The honest yet hilarious mistake surely left a smile on the faces of internet users. Some also pointed out that consuming Daffodil can even prove to be poisonous, hence caution must be exercised. What did you think of the funny post? Tell us in the comments below.

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