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Hug Day 2021: Did You Know There Are Different Kinds Of Hugs? See Here

Hug Day 2021: Did you know there are different kinds of hugs? Find out here

Hug Day is celebrated ahead of Valentine’s Day. A hug is sometimes all you need to brighten up a mundane day. But amid the Covid pandemic, with social distancing and drastically reduced human contact, many among us may be running short on hugs. It’s only sending and getting virtual hugs. Just a hug can be so comforting in difficult times. Hugs have long been dubbed as the “the universal medicine”. Have you thought how many different kinds of hugs are there? According to experts, hugs have own expression. Here are half a dozen different types of hugs and what they could indicate.

Happy Hug Day: Did you know there are different kinds of hugs? Find out here

The tight hug: Often we say ‘give me a tight hug’ or simply WhatsApp a ‘tight hug’. It’s one of the most common types of hugs, which is an instant mood lifter. You can get a ‘tight hug’ only from someone who really loves you. It may also convey that the person will miss you. 


Hug Day Image: A tight hug is an expression of deep love

The side hug: A relaxed hug, it’s common among close friends and it’s also called the buddy hug. Not quite a romantic hug, but it is cute and sweet. 


Hug Day Image: A side hug is cute and sweet

The bear hug: This is said to be a protective gesture and one wraps his or her arms around the other person. Often parents give a bear hug to make kids feel loved.


Hug Day Image: Bear hug is commonly known to be a protective gesture

The long hug: This kind of hug is sure to speak volumes and is intimate. People may want to express that they have missed someone special. A long hug usually follows meeting someone after a period of time.


Hug Day Image: A long hug may express missing a special person 

The back hug: It is said that this is a surprise and a naughty hug and makes people feel great. It usually conveys sincere feelings for someone you love dearly.


Hug Day Image: Back hug is a surprise gesture

The eye-to-eye hug: This is an intimate hug reserved for people in love. It’s usually a long one as well. 


Hug Day Image: Eye-to-eye hug is an intimate gesture

Happy Hug Day!


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