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Haryana To Reserve 75% Jobs In Private Sector For Locals, Says Minister

This is the day of great happiness for the youths of the state, Dushyant Chautala said (File)


The Haryana Governor has approved a bill that reserves 75 percent of the private sector jobs with gross salary upto Rs 50,000 per month for the people of the state, Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala informed on Tuesday. The legislation was passed by the state assembly last year.

“This is the day of great happiness for the youths of the state…the youths of the state now will get 75 percent reservation in private sector jobs…they will get reservation in every company, society and trust,” he said.

Reservation in the private sector for locals was the main election promise of Mr Chautala’s Jannayak Janta Party, which had formed a government in the state in alliance with the BJP after winning 10 of the 90 seats.

The bill, tabled by Mr Chautala last year, makes it mandatory for the private sector companies to reserve 75 percent of jobs with salary upto Rs 50,000 per month for natives of Haryana. It also contains a clause companies can invoke if suitable local candidates cannot be found. In such cases they may hire from outside so long as they inform the government of such a step.

Companies must register details of all employees getting upto Rs 50,000 per month, the government had said, adding failure to do so within three months of it becoming a law will attract penalties.

The Haryana government had said the reservation will be “socially, economically and environmentally desirable”.

The BJP-JJP government in Haryana is facing intense pressure from the farming community that has been protesting against the Centre’s three agriculture laws.

Mr Chautala, whose core voter base comprises Jat farmers, had last year promised that he would quit politics if he was not able to secure minimum support guarantee – one of the main demands of the protesting farmers.

Amid speculation of tension within the alliance over the farmers’ protest, Mr Chautala had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah in January. After the meeting, Mr Chautala had said the state government will complete its five-year term.

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