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Face Diapers Not Required Sign By A Restaurant Divided The Internet On Face Mask Policy

A restaurant’s controversial face mask signage went viral.


  • A restaurant put up a poster with a controversial message.
  • It said that face masks were not mandatory in the the restaurant.
  • The post with the pic of the poster divided the internet.

With such fierce competition in the food industry, restaurants go to any length to promote themselves. Catching people’s attention is important, and that’s what this restaurant did to stand out. BeckyJack’s Food Shack in Florida’s Hernando County caused quite a stir on social media by putting up a sign on its front window that said “Face Diapers Not Required! Everyone Welcome.” ‘Face diaper’ is referred to as a face mask here. The poster also had a picture of a circled blue-coloured mask and a red line striking it off. At a time when everyone is being repeatedly reminded to continue wearing face masks, this restaurant went against the grain and caused a furore.

The restaurant uploaded a post on its Facebook page, a picture of the signage displayed prominently on its front display glass window, with the caption: “Howdy Folks! Happy Valentine’s Day A friendly reminder that we DO NOT require Face Masks.”

Here’s the Facebook post:

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The controversial post attracted 3.6K likes and almost the same number of comments till now. The comments section of the viral post turned into a sort of a war turf among the followers who argued with different opinions regarding the restaurant’s mask policy.

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Of course, the post received a lot of backlash for encouraging people to violate the safety guidelines set universally against COVID-19.

A user wrote “selfish and foolish” for the post. Other comments included:

“But belittling people for wearing it may cause people not to want to choose to do business in this place…”

Soooooo… you don’t like to follow health and hygiene guidelines then? Yes please, ill have a side of salmonella with my Covid air thank you.

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However, there were many people who came forward in support of the restaurant:

“This is how it should be. If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask, if you don’t, then don’t. Pretty simple concept, it used to be referred to as Freedom!”

“So glad you’re giving people the choice to wear or not wear a mask. Just like they have a choice to go or not go to your restaurant. I think we are all capable of making our own decisions when it comes to our health.

“I guess y’all don’t realize, you CAN choose to wear a mask. Just because they don’t require doesn’t mean you personally can’t.”


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