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Diabetes Diet: Manage Your Blood Sugar With This Yummy Methi-Bajra Pancakes


  • Diabetes causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels
  • Diabetes can be controlled with wise dietary choices
  • Diabetics should refrain from simple carbs

You cannot take a trip to the market without spotting a bunch of fresh winter greens. Methi, bathua, palak, sarso –  you perhaps can’t even tell one from others, but you know they are all a treasure of health. The bitter methi is one of the first to appear on our refrigerator shelves around this season, and we know how to extract the best out of it. The many methi-based preparations are proof.In this recipe, food vlogger Parul tells us into making quick and yummy methi-bajra pancakes. They are loaded wholesome and full of fibre. Both bajra and methi are great sources of fibre, which does not get digested too soon. It takes its time to break down, thus enabling a gradual release of sugar in the bloodstream. This prevents blood sugar spike.

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For this diabetic-friendly breakfast recipe posted on ‘Cook With Parul’ YouTube channel, you would need to combine bajre ka atta (pearl millet flour), freshly chopped fenugreek leaves, chopped coriander, ginger-garlic paste, hing, sesame seeds, salt, curd, baking soda, some water and make a thick batter. Heat oil on a nonstick pan, and start making your pancakes. Curd helps bind the batter, hence it is an important ingredient; but make sure that you do not add too much of it either, else you will end up with a sloppy batter.

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Sounds like a cakewalk, right? If you have a grilling pan, you can make grilled pancakes too. This is also an excellent way to make your kids eat some greens. You can watch the full recipe here.

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