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Adorable Video Of Dad Bringing Food For Daughter Working From Home Is Going Viral


  • Work from home has become a norm of sorts across the globe
  • Several work from home anecdotes are going viral on the interent
  • This video shows a dad making sure her daughter is well fed all the time

The global pandemic changed our lives in more ways than one – the most significant being the massive shift in traditional workspaces. Most of us are still working from home and while it has its own set of challenges, we have to agree that sometimes there’s nothing better than working with your family by your side and watch them take all those efforts, just to make your life a wee bit easier.

The internet is filled with WFH anecdotes, the latest one to join the viral brigade is the video posted by @sarsouura on Twitter. The heartwarming video that shows a doting dad bringing food for her daughter as she works from home has clocked in more than 2.5 million views already.

The 18-second video, posted on 21st February, is a compilation of her father bringing her all kinds of home-cooked meals – right from salads, open sandwiches, fruits, chickpea bowls to Kanafeh – in between her work. In the viral video, he also greets her ‘good morning’ each time he enters the room with meals and beverages. Food served with the side of good manners – can there be a more relatable video on the internet today? We guess not. 

“Working from home with baba is a blessing”, read the video caption.  The adorable video is melting people’s hearts on the internet. “Watching people with parents who love them is just…so beautiful” wrote a user, “Me and Brother are both in our 30s but whenever we go home, Dad always make us a snack, a lunch or whatever as soon as we walk through the door. Just like this sweet Baba.” wrote another.

Here are some other reactions that will make your day.

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