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Adding Vitamin D To Your Diet May Help Avoid Obesity – Experts Reveal



The importance of vitamin D is no secret to the world. Also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, this nutrient is known to have a strong effect on our overall health – from boosting immunity to promoting bone health. In fact, it helps in absorption of calcium, magnesium and other crucial minerals from the food we consume. It is also known to improve stamina and resistance power that keep many viral and lifestyle-related diseases at bay. While sunlight is the natural source of vitamin D, we also have an ample amount of vitamin-enriched foods around such as mushroom, soya, eggs, milk, yogurt, orange and more.

A recent study has found a link between obesity and deficiency of vitamin D. Published in the journal Scientific Reports, the findings stated that lack of vitamin D in our body may disrupt metabolic homeostasis, which can further lead to obesity. For the unversed, metabolic homeostasis is the equilibrium of our metabolism that helps to keep the system working efficiently.

The research was conducted on zebrafish and addressed the hypothesis that vitamin D deficiency (VDD) during early life stage development serves as a precursor to metabolic disruption.

Three sets of zebrafish were placed on engineered diets that included standard laboratory control diet, a vitamin D null diet and a vitamin D enriched diet.

“Zebrafish grown on a vitamin D null diet between 2-12 mpf exhibited significantly stunted somatic growth and central adiposity. These findings indicate that early developmental VDD impacts metabolic health by disrupting the balance between somatic growth and adipose accumulation and suggests a unique linkage between vitamin D, VDD, and metabolic homeostasis,” read the report published in the journal.

Taking this link between vitamin D and metabolism under consideration, we can say that it is a must to consume vitamin-enriched food to boost metabolism and channel our energy without excess fat storage. But before adding anything new to your diet, consult your doctor/dietitian first.

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Here Are 7 Vitamin D-Rich Foods You May Add To Your Diet:

1. Chaas or Lassi:

Made with curd, these desi beverages not only cool you down, but also are a great source of vitamin D.

2. Orange juice:

A glass of cold-pressed orange juice is just what we need to kick-start our mornings. Loaded with vitamin C and D, this beverage is known to have a plethora of health benefits.

3. Ragi:

We give you another reason to load up on ragi-based dishes. It is a storehouse of protein, fibre, vitamin D and several other essential nutrients and can be ideal to add to your weight loss diet.

4. Fish:

If you are someone who likes tuna sandwich or a salmon sushi roll, then you must know that these fatty fishes are also a great source of vitamin D in our body.

5. Mushroom:

Whip up a soup or add it to your sabzi, mushroom just makes the food healthier. It is a great source of vitamin D and can help you prepare several delicious dishes without much struggle.


6. Dairy Products:

Milk, cheese, paneer and other dairy products are a great source of vitamin D. So make these foods a part of your diet for a daily dose of vitamin D.

7. Oats:

One of the most popular food ingredients among dieters, oats is a storehouse of vitamin D. Alongside, it is loaded with fibre, protein etc that aid metabolism for an overall healthy mind and body.

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