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AC Cobra Series 4 is an electric Cobra with 617 horsepower

AC cars announced an all-electric Cobra earlier this year, but the specs and performance figures were a little disappointing. It only had 308 horsepower and went from 0-62 mph in 6.7 seconds. At a price of roughly $170,000, it was quite the ask. Fast forward a few months, and AC has just revealed an EV worth your attention. It’s called the AC Cobra Series 4.

This new model is packing some heat, as it puts out 617 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque. Yowza. Now those are numbers we expect out of a Cobra. With this new power unit, AC says the Cobra will go from 0-62 mph in just 3.8 seconds, a figure that is surely traction limited. Weight is just 2,624 pounds. It still uses the same 54 kWh battery pack as before, but it’s capable of 200 miles of range on a full charge. Thank Falcon Electric, AC’s new electric motor supplier, for the huge increase in power and increase in range (50 miles more than the previous iteration).

Photos at the top of this post show the new Series 4 and its shell. That one is painted in Electric Orange, one of 15 paint options available.

Other details are being held back for the time being, but the power increase doesn’t come cheap. AC says the Series 4 starts at £168,000 in the UK. That’s a bit over $223,000. You can buy supercars all day at that price, and they’ll all be significantly quicker than this Cobra. However, there’s no replacement for a real AC Cobra, and that’s exactly what these are. AC didn’t announce how many it will be making, but it says the first deliveries to customers are expected in summer of 2021. You can place a reservation for one on the company’s website, if you’re so inclined.

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