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9 Cafes In Majnu Ka Tila Every Delhiite Must Try

Majnu Ka Tila is famous for authentic, pocket-friendly Tibetan cafes.


  • Majnu Ka Tila (MKT) is popular for food and fashion
  • It has some of the most popular Tibetan cafes
  • Here are 9 little gems from the place you must try

If you are a foodie or a shopaholic, a trip to Majnu Ka Tila is a must. Known as Delhi’s ‘Little Tibet’, this little place in Arun Nagar has become a hotspot amongst Delhiites for pocket-friendly food and fashion. And it doesn’t come as a surprise considering the amount of love people have for Momos! Majnu Ka Tila (MKT) is located near Delhi University and is mostly thronged by students, foreigners and locals who are searching for quaint cafes to have conversations over traditional Tibetan delicacies. Since most cafes and restaurants here are run by Tibetans, you are definitely in for an authentic treat of momo, thukpa and lots more. So, if you are searching for lesser-known little gems in the food capital, here are 9 of the best places in Majnu Ka Tila you must try!

Here Are 9 Cafes In Majnu Ka Tila That You Must Try:

1. AMA Café

Ask any foodie in Delhi for their top pick at the ‘little Tibet’ and the first place would be this small café serving delicious breakfast staples. Apart from a wholesome Himalayan meal of aloo khatsa, eggs and Tibetan bread, you can nosh upon lip-smacking pizzas and a typical English breakfast too comprising bacon strips, pancakes and chicken sausages with coffee. And while at that, click some Insta-worthy pictures too!

Where: House 6, New Colony, Majnu ka Tilla, New Delhi

2. Coffee House

A perfect place for those with a sweet tooth, coffee house dishes out one of the best mud cakes and banana muffins! With fresh and homemade desserts and a bevvy of beverages to choose from, Coffee House is a spot where you can sit and relax for hours.

Where: 39, Basement, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

3. AMA Restaurant

Not to confuse with Ama Café, this restaurant is to satiate your cravings for authentic Tibetan and Asian food. With an array of delicacies including thenthuk, tingmo, chilli fish and more, Ama is all that you wish for when it comes to Asian food. Don’t miss their thukpas!

Where: 40, New Tibetan Camp, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

4. Tee Dee

A cute little place serving some of the best momos in MKT with a warm, cosy ambience! You can always trust Tee Dee for breakfast and if looking for a non-vegetarian treat, you must try sliced pork with mushrooms.

Where: 32, Aruna Nagar, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

5. Rigo Restaurant

Looking for more than just Tibetan? Rigo is your rescue as it dishes our pretty much everything from Italian to Asian along with shakes, mocktails, tea and coffee. One of the few places offering a special Japanese menu serving drool-worthy sushis!

Where: 180, Tibetan Old Camp, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

6. Yamuna Café

Perhaps the only place located right at the banks of Yamuna in Delhi, this café truly sets itself apart. Spacious and breezy with an incredible look, Yamuna Café serves some of the best pizzas and pasta in MKT!

Where: D-34, East House, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

7. Himalaya Restaurant

Not so popular, but Himalayan Restaurant is sure to offer one of the most extensive menus to choose from, all of which is full of authentic dishes from the mountains. Choose from shaptak, shabale, mokthuk and more!

Where: House 26, New Tibetan Camp, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

8. Kori’s

Popular for Korean dishes more than anything else including a special Korean thali, Kori’s is a great place to spend long hours over good food.

Where: House No. 18-19, Tsampa Guest House, Majnu Ka Tilla, Timarpur, Delhi

9. Kham Coffee House

Kham is definitely going to transport you to a cafe in the mountains with its chic, quintessential Tibetan ambience. You must try their desserts including sinful carrot cake!

Where: 158, Tibet Colony, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi

Did we miss your favourite place? Let us know in the comments section below.

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