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8-Year-Old Bakes Cakes, Buns And More Like A Pro; Watch Viral Video


  • Cute kid videos will melt your heart in no time.
  • We found a cute video where the kid is showing off his cooking skills.
  • The video impressed the internet, garnering thousands of views.

There’s no denying the fact that internet is one melting pot for a wide variety of content. From the informative ones to the most entertaining ones – we get a wide a gamut of content to indulge in. In fact, it has every type of content to satisfy every soul. While choice of content is unique for each, there are a few videos that win every heart across age groups: and it’s the cute baby and dog videos. Let’s admit – we all have stopped by these adorable videos while scrolling our social media feed. Besides being entertaining, these videos are utmost therapeutic. The cute antics of the kids and the dogs calm us down and relax us after a stressful day.

We came across one such video where an 8-year-old kid from China is showing off his cooking skills to the world. In the video, we can see the kid preparing various delicious dishes in a traditional kitchen setup. The yummy delights include puffs, baos, cakes and more. This almost 3-minute video has been shared on a Facebook page named Darita Cooking. 

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Click here to enjoy the cute video.

The adorable kid, his chubby cheeks and his cooking skills won several hearts on the internet. Posted a few days back, this video has garnered more than 40k likes and 1.5k comments. (add views here)

While some were impressed by the child’s brilliance, others fell for his cuteness.

Here are some of the most impressive comments on the video:


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Do check out the video and let us know in the comments what impressed you more – his skill or cuteness?

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