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7 Vegetarian Breakfasts Of Delhi Thatll Make You Drool!


  • Bedmi puri is a popular weekend breakfast in Delhi
  • Chole bhature is often enjoyed with a glass of lassi
  • Moong dal chila is an excellent source of protein

Delhi’s cuisine is a majestic cascade of local and foreign influences. Rulers came and went adding to the capital’s variegated culinary heritage, traders and settlers brought with them their own little kitchen secrets, the colonial era gave birth to novel dishes that Delhi was quick to lap up to. In this beautiful mishmash, one has to take note of the ever-so diverse vegetarian fare that makes Delhi so special among foodies. There is no dearth of creativity in these dishes, and you do not even have to wait till lunch or dinner to truly experience the same. The breakfast game of Delhi is so strong that one is often left spoilt for choice.  Here are some of Delhi’s classic veg breakfast recipes that scream indulgence.

Here Are 7 Vegetarian Breakfasts Of Delhi That’ll Make You Drool:

1. Chole Bhature

You saw this coming, didn’t you? This quintessential Delhi breakfast is very popular, especially among Punjabi households. Spicy chickpeas coated in eclectic masalas, paired with pillowy bhaturas are enough to give any bad day a slightly good spin. Oh yes, the combination is also incomplete without a tall glass of lassi. Here’s a fab recipe of chole bhature.

Chole bhature recipe: This quintessential Delhi breakfast is very popular


2. Bedmi Puri

Bedmi puri is a special kind of puri that is made with whole wheat flour and suji (for the additional crisp). The real highlight for us is the lentil and chilli filling inside the puri. Bedmi puri is usually paired with soothing potato curry. You can find the recipe here.

3. Aloo Parathe

Have them stuffed or have them plain, you can never have too much of parathas. Aloo paratha is an evergreen recipe that goes best with chutney, curd, pickle, or any dip of your choice. A pro-tip: keep the potato stuffing spicy and eclectic for a flavourful affair. Here’s the recipe.


You can never have too much of parathas

4. Chole Kulche

Chole kulcha or channa kulcha is a breakfast combination made with the goodness of boiled chickpeas, tossed with chopped onions, tomatoes and lemon juice. This mushy chickpea mix is paired with kulcha a leavened bread withy slightly sour undertones, together they spell magic. Here’s the recipe.

5. Moong Dal Chila

Easy, healthy and brimming with protein, moong dalchila is a breakfast favourite across North India. It is a thin crepe-like dish of yellow colour, made with a moong dal batter. You can also stuff your chila with paneer and other veggies for that extra edge. Click here for the recipe.


Moong dal chila is packed with protein

6. Dal Kachori

This puffy, flaky pastry filled with a spicy lentil filling is one crackling recipe that can give your mornings an instant facelift. Pair it with a spicy potato curry with a hint of hing, and you are good to go. Click here for the recipe.


Kachori is a puffy pastry

7. Jalebi

This unique coiled dessert is almost as ubiquitous as samosas in Delhi. Made with a runny besan batter, fried till crisp, and dipped in a saffron-infused sugar syrup, jalebi with some samosas, kachori or namkeen can make for a super wholesome breakfast. Don’t forget your cup of chai. A recipe of jalebi to savour.


So, what are you waiting for? Start prepping and make your mornings a tad memorable.

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