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7 Genius Ways You Can Use Leftover Dosa Batter You Probably Didnt Know Till Now

You may not realise it but your mothers start preparing for food much before time. What you notice is the last leg of cooking time spent to prepare and present the final meal. When preparing for south Indian meal, we all pre-make the dosa batter in advance before actually cooking it on the pan. That’s why, many times some part of the dosa batter is left unused and we don’t really know what to do with it.  If this happens in your home also, you can use these tips or pass these on to your mother to avoid wastage of the precious dosa batter which was made with some effort. 

Here are some easy recipes you can make with leftover dosa batter that will turn out to be as tasty as the dosa you had in your last meal.

You can use the same batter to make the dosa wrap and fill it with chocolate or fruits with honey to have it for dessert. The whole batter will be used for your complete meal.


2. Uttapam

Chop some onions, carrots, green chillies and capsicum. Make a thick dosa on the pan of the size of an uttapam. Garnish it with the veggies, sprinkle some salt and black pepper powder, and your dosa-uttapam is ready.

3. Punugulu

Add sooji, rice flour, curry leaves, onion and other spices to the dosa batter to thicken it. Then knead it into dough and pull out small round balls to fry and make punugulu for evening snack.

4. Roll

Whether you like cheesy rolls or spicy, veggie-loaded roll, you can use leftover dosa batter to make more dosa and use it as a wrap to roll in the stuffing of your choice. Don’t forget to first rub some sauces on the dosa first.

5. Appe

Make round appe with the dosa batter. In fact, almost the same batter is prepared to make appe the regular way. So, this is the best thing to do with your leftover dosa batter.

6. Idli

Idli can be made with different kinds of batter, then why not dosa batter. Enjoy your favourite south Indian snack without having to make any extra effort to prepare for it. Win-win!


7. Dosa Sandwhich

Use the batter to make yummy breakfast treat the next morning. Add onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves and other veggies and spices of your choice to the dosa batter. Add some sooji to thicken it, if required. Grease your toaster plates and pour the batter to make mouthwatering morning toasts.

Too-much dosa batter is never too much. Use leftover dosa batter to make other interesting recipes.


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