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7 Easy North Indian Snacks That Are All-Time Classics!


  • North Indian snacks are a hit with everyone
  • So many of these snacks are very easy to make
  • Here are 7 that always manage to impress

Think North Indian food and you are bound think all things spicy, indulgent and decadent. While there is so much more to North Indian food than what meets the eye, the snacks that have truly stood the test of time in terms of popularity are mostly the ones that are slightly greasy and spicy.  In our list, we tried to handpick the ones that are so easy that you can make them in the comfort of your kitchen any day of the week. These evergreen snacks are hard to resist, and will strike a chord among people of all generations. So without further ado, here are easy North Indian snacks that always manage to wow us.

1. Aloo Chaat

The secret of this delectable Delhi speciality lies in its masalas. Aloo chaat are essentially potato chunks tossed in masalas and fried till crisp, a dash of chutney is optional. Learn how to make this crackling recipe at home, and we bet this chaat will be all that you talk about that day. Click here for the recipe. 

Aloo chaat is a popular Delhi street food

2. Namak Pare Or Nimki


These bite-sized nibbles come with oodles of nostalgia. Just like fries, you cannot stop at one. But unlike fries, you can make these namak pare or nimki and store it for months in an air-tight container. All you need is a perfect batter to fry, this recipe also uses the distinct flavour of crushed ajwain. Click here for the recipe. 

3. Moonglet

Call it a cheela or a  vegetarian omelette, but this ingenious recipe made with high-protein moong dal batter, and topped with green chillies, capsicum, tomato and onions is one wholesome snack you can toss up everytime you feel like having something light and flavourful . Adding some crumbled paneer is also a good option to spruce it up further. Click here for the recipe. 

crhdlpg8This recipe made with high-protein moong dal is a blockbuster

4. Mirchi Vada

This Rajasthani fiery treat is made with chillies that are not very hot but are brimming with spicy, juice and almost pungent flavour. These chillies are slit and stuffed with mashed potato filling, the stuffed chillies are then dipped in besan batter and fried crisp, yes, we heard you slurping. Click here for the recipe. 


This Rajasthani fiery treat is made with chillies

5. Masala Papad

Everybody loves papad, this uncomplicated crispy treat helps give some of our most boring meals a facelift, but did you know it can be so much more than just an accompaniment on your thali. Masala papad made with goodness of fresh papad and easily available ingredients like chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander, some chaat masala is a delish snack you can make every day. Click here for the recipe. 


Everybody loves papad, and this recipe is sure to impress everyone too

6. Samosa Chaat

Why choose between samosa and chaat when you can have both? Samosa is the ubiquitous North Indian snack that is triangular in shape, with a crusty exterior and spicy potato filling. Samosas are deep-fried until crisp, and in this recipe we deconstruct it and jazz it up with a dash of yogurt, chutney and masalas. Click here for the recipe. 

7. Bread Pakoda

Another chai-time favourite, a bonafide crowdpuller and the easiest recipe up our list. Slices of bread dipped in a runny besan batter fried till crisp and golden. Pair it with any chutney, ketchup of dip of your choice, and you’d know what we mean! Click here for the recipe. 


bread pakora

Bread pakora is another chai-time favourite

So what are you waiting for? Try making these snacks today and impress everyone in your family with your cooking chops (without really sweating it out in the kitchen)

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