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7 Classic Veg Recipes From Uttar Pradesh Thatll Win You Over


  • There are countless veg recipes from UP that are bound to impress
  • Dum aloo is a super popular recipe you can try
  • Chaulai ka saag can make greens desirable

Being a melting pot of culture, history and art, Uttar Pradesh has managed to capture the fancy of many foodies, both home and abroad. From royal courts to the streets, the food of Uttar Pradesh is worth a hundred chronicles. The vast variety of meaty delicacies like galouti kebab, biryani and keema kaleji has given our spread that extra festive edge, but the vegetarian fare has never failed to startle either. It takes a discerning diner to appreciate the sheer genius put in some of these dishes. Here are some of our most favourite vegetarian dishes from Uttar Pradesh that never ceases to amaze us.

7 Classic Veg Recipes From Uttar Pradesh You Must Try At Home:

1. Chaulai Ka Saag

The love affair between winter and green vegetables is an old one. Chaulai ka saag made with amaranth leaves is a thick curry made with finely chopped and ground amaranth leaves. The smoky tadka makes this saag a hit among fussy-eaters too. Amaranth leaves are a potent package of antioxidants like vitamin A and C,  it is also incredibly loaded with iron and folate. Finish it off with a  dollop of butter and pair it with makki ki roti, paratha or rice. Click here for the recipe.

Chaulai saag is very nutritious


2. Allahbadi Tehri

Think rice dishes from Uttar Pradesh and one of the first things to come to mind is Biryani, but if you dig deeper you would find many other marvels that are actually second to none in terms of richness, flavour and texture. Allahbadi tehri is a kind of a mixed veg pulao that is commonly prepared for big feasts of special occasions, you can also make it for a cosy night-in. Click here for the recipe.


Allahbadi tehri is a kind of a mixed veg pulao

3. Benarsi Ghugni

Ghugni is a special chickpea curry that is famous across Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and Bihar. Each of these states gives their own local spin to this spicy stunner, here’s how Benaras makes this high-protein and flavourful dish. Click here for the recipe.

4. Petha

Uttar Pradesh’s rich gastronomy is incomplete without its sinful sweetmeats, here we are listing our favourite petha. This chewy, translucent candy made with ash gourd is one of Agra’s crown jewels. Make it at home with this recipe. Click here for the recipe.

5. Dum Aloo

Quite possibly one of the most popular recipes hailing from Uttar Pradesh. Baby potatoes tossed in a tomato-based gravy screams indulgence. The rich combination of spice used to flavour the curry will prompt you to get up for that second helping. Click here for the recipe.


Dum aloo is a popular recipe among vegetarians

6. Nimona

Mashed peas and mangauris come together in this winter classic to make a one-of-a-kind side dish. Brimming with rich and spicy melange of flavours, nimona is a blockbuster recipe you must try if you love peas. Click here for the recipe.

7. Aloo Badi Rasedar


This simple, lip-smacking potato curry has saved many breakfasts from being an utter disaster. Potatoes, peas and lentil nuggets in a mildly-spiced gravy, this stellar recipe can be paired with puri, paratha, rice and roti. Click here for the recipe.

Try these recipes soon, and let us know your favourites.

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