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7 Chicken Tikka Recipes You Must Try

One can choose from a wide variety of chicken tikkas- creamy, fiery and even tangy!


  • Chicken tikka is one of the most popular snacks in the Indian cuisine
  • It is easy to make and fuss-free to eat
  • Here are 7 types of chicken tikkas you can try

One of the most popular snacks at a party and perhaps the first thing you would order at a restaurant, chicken tikkas are a crowd-pleaser! Soft, succulent, smoked and juicy, chicken tikkas are one of the most loved Indian snacks simply because of how fuss-free it is to eat them and how much more you can do with them. While you can eat chicken tikkas as is, you can also wrap them in a roll for a wholesome meal, or put them over a toast! Doesn’t it sound yummy already? And no, there is not just one kind of chicken tikka that you can nosh on. There could be the one laced with black pepper, a creamy chicken tikka or the one packed with the flavours of mustard too!

So if you are someone who loves chicken tikka more than anything else at a party or restaurant, we’ve got 7 of the best chicken tikka recipes you can try right inside your kitchen!

7 Chicken Tikka Recipes You Can Try At Home:

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1. Murgh Kali Mirch Ka Tikka

Chicken chunks marinated in a pool of cream, cheese, hung curd and black pepper mix, grilled to perfection and cooked in ‘dum’ style in an oven, this chicken tikka with a ‘kali mirch’ spin is sure to tingle your taste buds. Find the full recipe here.


2. Murgh Malai Tikka

Marinated overnight with cream, lemon, garlic-ginger paste and hung curd, this chicken tikka has a simple recipe where the marinated chicken is cooked over grill, basted with butter until the chicken is slightly charred. Served with mint chutney, this one is a must-try! Click here for the full recipe.


3. Thai Style Chicken Tikka

Love Thai flavours? This chicken tikka with lemongrass, Thai ginger, coconut milk, basil and red curry paste is sure to impress you! It is served with peanut butter sauce. Find the full recipe here.

4. Reshmi Tikka

Marinated with freshly made garam masala along with curd, malai, lemon and ginger-garlic paste, this reshmi chicken tikka is roasted in the oven for just about 20 minutes before serving hot! The addition of ‘malai’ lends a smooth, creamy texture to the tikka. Click here for the recipe.

5. Karri Murgh Tikka

You would love gorging on this during the peak summer season since it boasts of refreshing and tarty raw mango puree, which is mixed with chicken along with rest of the ingredients, including gram flour, egg and a host of spices. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Find the full recipe here.

6. Murgh Highway Tikka

Imagine a fiery chicken tikka bursting with red chilli flakes! Gasping already? Murgh highway tikka is exactly that and much more when basted with mustard oil and cooked till charred. Click here for the recipe.



7. Kasundi Murgh Tikka

A chicken tikka bursting with kasundi mustard that lends a tinge of tanginess to the dish, along with spicy flavours of hot chilli powder, lemon and garam masala! Find the full recipe here.


Try these scrumptious chicken tikka recipes at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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