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Watch: Baby Tries Chocolate Milk, Her Adorable Reaction Will Win You Over!


  • A video of a baby trying chocolate milk for the first time has gone viral
  • The baby first tries a sip of the drink, and later expresses happiness
  • Take a look at the adorable video which will make your day

Baby videos are one of the most adulated ones on the internet. Whether babies are playing, talking, getting a massage or just existing – there is something so therapeutic about simply watching them be. It comes as no surprise that there is an entire Reddit group called r/aww dedicated to cute pictures and videos of babies, puppies, bunnies and the likes. A video shared on the group by u/tejasmirashi has recently gone viral, garnering over 16.4k upvotes. The 22-second clip basically captured a baby trying out chocolate milk for the first time, and her adorable reaction to it will win you over. Take a look:

Baby trying chocolate milk for the first time from r/aww

The baby is offered a small sip of the chocolate milk by an elder person, who is not visible in the frame. The cute toddler tries the drink, absorbs the taste for a second before being pleasantly surprised. The sheer delight of the baby is truly infectious, as she tries the chocolate milk for the second time. She starts clapping with joy while smiling an adorable bare-toothed grin, which is when the clip ends.

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chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is one popular drink among children and adults alike. 

The video went viral on Reddit and struck a chord with thousands of Reddit users. Hundreds left comments to the video, stating their love for the classic drink. “Also my reaction to drinking it for 25 years,” commented one user while another wrote, “This kid gets it!” Another parent shared an anecdote, “My baby made the same face when we gave her a slice of lemon. When she finished the pulp, she tried to eat the peel.”

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