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6 Healthy Chutney Recipes That Youd Love To Add To Your Diet


  • Chutney is a popular relish from India
  • Chutney can be made with a combination of ingredients
  • You can make your chutney with super healthy ingredients too

The Indian way of making healthy foods, herbs and spices a part of our daily diet has always been a fascinating subject for us. You may have seen your grandmothers sneaking in those extra veggies in your khichdi or adding those extra nuts and seeds to your ladoos and may have wondered the same. Diet alone may not replace medicine, but it can be healing in more ways than one. Chutney, a popular Indian condiment or relish, made by blending fruits, veggies, spices and herbs is a simple and ingenious way to give a boring meal an instant facelift. Moreover, it could also up the nutritional value of your meal. Here are some toothsome chutney recipes that are also tremendously healthy.

Here Are 6 Healthy Chutney Recipes That You’d Love To Add To Your Diet

1.  Pudine Aur Haldi chutney

Let’s admit it, it took a global pandemic to make us realise the worth of our potent spices and herbs. Guess we would not be so shy to revisit our roots from now on This vibrant chutney, made with the ever-so-refreshing pudina and the ever-so-healthy Haldi. Haldi could do wonders for your immunity, skin, diabetes and weight control. Here’s a recipe you should try.

This chutney will take care of your digestive woes


2. Tomato-garlic chutney

Not one, but two superfoods come together to make this lip-smacking chutney. It is tangy, pungent and an absolute crowd puller. Tomatoes are an excellent source of lycopene and various antioxidants and garlic is famed for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory compounds. This chutney is a hit across ages, here’s a fabulous recipe you have been looking for.


Tomatoes and garlic make for a delectable combination

3. Basil Chutney

The freshness of basil has made it one of the most prized herbs across the world. It is a good thing that it is also such a potent package of all things healthy and good. A quirky mixture of basil onions, ginger, coriander and apples, this toothsome chutney is so good that every portion would seem less. Click here for the recipe.

4. Dal Ki Chutney
They say you should load up on protein, but there are only so many ways in which you can eat your dal? Unless you choose to get a little more creative. This thick, high-protein chutney comes with the goodness of not one or two but four dals- Moong, urad, chana and arhar. Adding the zingy kick is dhaniya, imli and heeng, this chutney is nothing like anything you have had before, here’s the recipe.


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5. Khajoor Ki chutney
Khajoor or dates have long been treasured for their health benefits, they are also considered good diabetes. Khajoor ki chutney is a sweet and sour chutney made with soaked dates, tamarind, ginger powder and chilli powder It is ideal for your chaat preparations. Click here for the recipe.

6. Neem chutney

It is bitter, it is pungent, but it is also one of the healthiest superfoods we have known of since time immemorial. If the bitterness is too much for you to the palate, try this neem ki chutney that also comes with the goodness of jaggery to offset the strong bitter flavour of Neem. Make sure you wash the neem leaves before. Neem leaves have antipyretic, antiviral and antifungal properties. It is also perfect for skin and hair. Here’s the recipe.



Neem leaves can be beneficial for dengue patients
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Try these recipes and let us know which recipe you liked the best.

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