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6 Foods That Are A Must-Have For Men above 50 – Expert Recommends


  • Eggs are an excellent source of protein that can help retain muscle mass
  • Avocados are loaded with heart-healthy fats
  • Almonds are packed with bone-friendly health benefits

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, men over the age of 50 tend to have slower metabolisms than those in their 20s. Hence, they may require fewer calories overall to stay in good shape. An increasing number of men are developing problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and prostate cancer. Although none of these diseases are inevitable, lifestyle and diet habits do make a significant difference. Hence, opting for healthy eating habits may be the best way for men over 50 to maintain themselves.

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6 Foods Men Over 50 Must Include In Their Diet: 

Fatty Fish:

Fatty fish like salmon etc. contain omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation, slow the build-up of plaque inside blood vessels, and increase good cholesterol. Fatty fish could also help reduce bowel inflammation, which is a contributing factor in cases of bowel cancer.



As men age, their muscle mass decreases. Eggs are an excellent source of protein that can help retain muscle mass. It also includes other nutrients such as vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. This protein is also a potent source of choline, a compound that helps regulate genes that cause excess abdominal fat storage.


Avocados are loaded with heart-healthy fats that can help keep cholesterol levels low. It also helps in lowering blood pressure and managing many other potential risk markers of heart disease. Avocados have also been linked to weight loss and lower levels of inflammation.

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Avocadoes are loaded with healthy fats

Blueberries and Strawberries:

Berries are amazing brain food and sources of fibre, a nutrient shown to aid weight loss. Berries, due to their antioxidant properties, also help fight cell damage and reduce the risks of cancers of the skin, bladder, lung, breast and oesophagus. They can be consumed with salads, yogurt, or hot cereals.

Almonds and Walnuts:

A wonderful nutritious addition to any older man’s diet, almonds are packed with bone-friendly health benefits and are filled with protein and healthy fats. Along with almonds, walnuts are another source of dietary fibre that activates genes to reduce fat storage and they have also been known to improve brain function. One should consume 6 to 10 almonds and about 3 to 5 walnuts daily.


Almonds are loaded with essential nutrients that can help boost bone-health


Beetroots are rich in nitrates, a natural chemical that increases endurance, lowers blood pressure, and protects the heart. The root veggie also contains high levels of potassium, a mineral that regulates blood pressure and helps flush out excess salt.

By eating right one can prevent age-related weight gain which is one of the main causes of all cardiovascular diseases. Apart from the foods, physical activity is the best way for men over age 50 to improve their heart health, muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. Additionally, one should quit smoking and drinking, conduct routine check-ups and screenings, hydrate, and get 7-8 hours of quality sleep.


About The Author:  Rohit Shelatkar is an expert in fitness & nutrition with over 15 years of experience.

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