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5 Vitamin A-Rich Recipes You Can Try For Healthy Eyes, Strong Immunity And More


  • Vitamin A is primarily known to be supremely beneficial for eyes
  • There are a number of Vitamin A-rich foods around us
  • You can use these foods to make yummy recipes too

It’s as if the year keeps getting more complicated by the day. The poor quality of air will start taking a toll on our respiratory system. In addition to air pollution, many other factors such as poor lifestyle choices or poor diet consumption could be problematic as well.  However, a new study published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health, has found links between consumption of vitamin A, E, D rich foods and immunity, which in turn could alleviate many respiratory problems too.  So what is so amazing about vitamin A that makes it so versatile and significant, let’s find out.  

In addition to immunity, vitamin A is primarily known to be supremely beneficial for your eyes. Vitamin A is a component of the pigment rhodopsin, which is found in the retina of the eye. It helps convert light entering our eye into electric signals to be interpreted by the brain. In addition to that vitamin A also does wonders for our skin, if you have an acne breakout, one of the first things your dermatologist would ask you is to load up on some vitamin A. Low levels of vitamin A are linked to weak bones too, so there’s another reason why you should not skip your daily dose of vitamin A.  

There are a number of Vitamin A-rich foods around us, and a lot of these fruits and vegetables can be used to make a yummy and healthy fare. Here are some of our favourites: 

1. Orange and Carrot Detox Drink

Carrots are a tremendous source of vitamin A and beta-carotene. Beta- carotene is essential for Vitamin A conversion in the body. This healthy detox drink made with carrot, orange and ginger is excellent for eyes, skin, detox and weight-loss.  (Click Here For Recipe)

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Vitamin A foods could do wonders for your eyes

2. Mix Sprout Spinach Pulao

As we all know, spinach is one of the finest sources of carotenoids around. Additionally, it is also replete with folate, iron, vitamin C and a lot more. What truly makes this recipe special is that spinach is just one of the superfoods used in this. Some other showstoppers are clove, onion, chana sprouts, brown rice, cumin seeds. (Click Here For Recipe)

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Spinach is a good source of iron too

3. Raw Papaya Salad

A popular Thai side dish, this salad is perhaps the easiest recipe on our listicle. All you need to do is mix up shredded raw papaya, chilli sauce, lemon juice, coriander and fried peanuts and you are done! (Click Here For Recipe)

4 Sweet Potato Chaat

This tangy, yummy and chunky chaat is our vrat favourite, but if you ask us we can actually chomp on it any time of the year. Sweet potatoes are not only rich with vitamin A, but also complex carbohydrates that enable steady blood sugar levels. (Click Here For Recipe)


Sweet potato  is a healthy superfood

5. Broccoli and almond soup 

According to USDA 100 grams of broccoli contains 623 UI of vitamin A. This hearty broccoli and almond soup is ideal for the nippy days that await. The black pepper also increases its nutritive value and fortify you from within to fight infections. (Click Here For Recipe)



This broccoli soup can be included in weight loss diet as well
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Try these recipes and let us know which recipe you liked the best.

(This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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