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5-Course Lunch Menu That Will Make Every Delhite Drool


  • Butter chicken and dal makhani are special delicacies of Delhi
  • Chicken momos could be steamed or fried
  • Jaljeera is a cooling drink made with cumin and lemon

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the capital is brimming with foodies. You cannot walk down a street without spotting at least two street food carts competing for takers. The sheer range of Delhi’s cuisine merits a chronicle of its own. Shaped by many foreign and local influences over the years, Delhi’s cuisine has evolved as an interesting mishmash that will often leave you spoilt for choice. Classic preparations to viral new food trends, there’s room for everything in Delhi. 

Here is the ultimate lunch menu that tries to encapsulate the best of Delhi, one epic dish at a time. 

It is always a good idea to start with something refreshing. In Delhi, if there is one drink that could rejuvenate you anywhere, anytime – it has to be a jaljeera (click here for the recipe). A cooler made with cumin seeds, mint, lemon, chaat masala and besan boondi, jaljeera is known to do wonders for your digestion. If you do not mind heaviness, you can also try a portion of creamy lassi (click here for the recipe). Thick, luscious and covered with lassi, this drink screams decadence. 

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Jaljeera is a cumin-based drink

For appetisers, we bring you Moong dal shorba (click here for the recipe). This Mughlai-inspired broth combines the goodness of moong dal and spices to make a heartwarming treat you cannot refuse. 

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Shorba is a soothing soup

Delhi is possibly one of the best destinations of the country for snacks and street foods, and our menu is a tribute to the same. Here’s a recipe of sizzling Delhi-style aloo chaat that has indulgence written all over it. Follow it up with steamed chicken momos and chilli chutney(click here for recipe), this Tibetan snack, has become Delhi’s favourite street food in a very short span. And since no feat in Delhi is quite complete without tikkas and kebabs, here’s our favourite paneer tikka recipe just for you. 


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Moving on to the mains, and yes the two usual suspects-Dal Makhani (click here for the recipe) and Butter chicken (click here for the recipe) are very much on our menu. According to legends, both the dishes were invented by the same man. From a dingy restaurant in Daryaganj, these two dishes have now travelled around the world and become classics in their own right. We know what you are wondering, ‘what about the breads?’, here’s our special butter naan recipe just for you. Another dish every Delhite is always up for is Biryani (click here for the recipe), so you obviously do not want to miss out on this meaty marvel while planning the ‘Ultimate Delhi Menu’. 



End the feast with a round of sinful sweetmeats and desserts. A combination of crispy jalebis (click here for the recipe)  slathered over with silky rabri (click here for the recipe) is always a hit among all age groups. The classic moong dal ka Halwa (click here for the recipe) is also a perennial favourite. 

Try these recipes and let us know how you liked it!

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