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5 Of Mumbais Best Mexican Delivery Places



I’ve always been amazed that two cuisines as seemingly disparate as Mexican and Indian can have so much in common between them. Never mind the fact that their countries of origin are literally on the opposite sides of the world! I guess it’s the comfort food quotient that is common to both Mexican and Indian food that helps in this culinary affinity of sorts. For every tangy pico de gallo, there is a similarly constructed tomato-onion-coriander-lime kachumber. A fat, stuffed burrito meets its match in our very own Kolkata-style Kathi roll. As for the luscious refried beans, our spicy rajma is almost a doppelganger. 

No great surprise then that Mexican food is one of the most ‘in demand’ as food delivery slowly becomes the only way for us to enjoy a bit of outside food these days. Rightly so, there has been a virtual explosion of Mexican cloud kitchens over the past few months. 

And so, keeping that in mind here’s our selection of Mumbai’s best Mexican food delivery services.

Here Are 5 Of Mumbai’s Best Mexican Delivery Places:

1. The Mexican Box

Mumbai’s Best Mexican Delivery Place: The Mexican Box

With great attention to detail, be it its close-to-authentic Mexican fare or its very attractive packaging in the form of its Dia de Los Muertos-inspired black food boxes – The Mexican Box gets its basics spot on. This delivery kitchen may be a new entrant on the block, but its quality and variety of dishes like plump prawn tacos, chunky guacamole made using imported HASS avocados and tasty vegan quesadillas among scores of others, speak volumes of its intention to provide a wholesome Mexican dining experience in the comfort of your home. It is the only place on this list to offer original masa (maize dough) tacos in lieu of the ubiquitous flour ones, as well as being the only place to offer heart-shaped churros. They even deliver mocktail premixes like the spicy jalapeno-mango-pineapple virgin margarita to go with your meal. 

Where: Worli
Call: 9321890033

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2. Mexibay


Mumbai’s Best Mexican Delivery Place: Mexibay

An interesting portmanteau combining the far off destinations of ‘Mexico’ and ‘Bombay’, this new Mexican food delivery service may have opened just a few months ago, but it is already making quite an impact with its tasty, reasonably priced fare. Providing hungry diners with an array of authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes like lamb barbacoa tacos, vegan burrito bowls and rare-to-find flautas (spring roll-like fried tubes of wheat tacos stuffed with meat or veggies), this place does it all. It is also one of the few places in Mumbai that offers authentic Mexican non-alcoholic drinks called aguas frescas in exotic flavours like jamaica, as the hibiscus flower is called in Latin America. It also helps that Mexibay delivers food late into the night (or should we say early into the morning) till 2 am!

Where: Bandra East 
Call: 9004733733

3. Poco Loco


Mumbai’s Best Mexican Delivery Place: Poco Loco

While the name of this Mexican restaurant-cum-delivery service may be inspired by the animated film Coco, the food on offer here is refreshingly unique. Sure it has ubiquitous Tex-Mex dishes like burritos, tacos and chimichangas on its vast menu, but it also does some relatively unknown and rather authentic Mexican dishes too. Take, for example,  the croquetas de pollo with the creaminess of the white sauce-enriched chicken mince croquettes spiced with a hint of paprika pimentone and nutmeg. Also worth mentioning is the tasty peri peri chicken served on a bed of tangy cilantro-lime rice with a creamy sauce.

Where: Khar West
Call: 9324191366

4. New York Burrito Company (NYBC)


Mumbai’s Best Mexican Delivery Place: New York Burrito Company (NYBC)

The guys at NYBC say that the brand was born out of passion. Passion to get Mexican food to Indian people! Operating a large number of outlets in Mumbai, the menu at the all-vegetarian NYBC is a melting pot of ancient Mexican recipes and modern innovation. They claim to serve carefully crafted, yet bold flavoured Mexican food that is rooted in tradition but adapted to suit the contemporary Indian palate. Expect to tuck into everything from the eponymous bean and paneer burritos to Mexican pizzas and tacos (hard and soft shell). They even deliver the super moist and yummy tres leches cake that’s like a sweet Mexican fiesta in your mouth. 

Where: Several across Mumbai
Call: 7784004005

5. Rolling Big


Mumbai’s Best Mexican Delivery Place: Rolling Big

Putting the whole “does size matter?” debate – at least in the context of food – to rest are the gargantuan-sized burritos offered by this seven-month-old delivery kitchen (it also operated as a cafe prior to lockdown). Even its name has the word “big” in it! Besides the aforementioned burrito that’s easily enough for two people, Rolling Big also does a whole range of other Tex-Mex items like fajitas, nachos, burrito bowls and tacos in both vegetarian and meat-based versions. Speaking of their tacos, their recent limited edition Holi special tacos saw them dish out the snack in a range of rainbow colours, with fillings like chipotle spiced paneer and pulled chicken.

Where: Dadar West
Call: 9699999660 

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