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6 North Indian Chicken Snacks No One Can Get Enough Of



If you love chicken, you could eat it for just about any meal of the day. And when you can use it to make versions of popular Indian snacks, why hesitate? Not only is chicken a versatile ingredient, it is also an excellent source of protein for the body. Moreover, if you are trying to lose weight, chicken is a reliable pick given that it is a lean protein. And as it is rich in calcium and phosphorus, it also promotes bone health. It is used in breakfast dishes, lunch and dinner and is considered one of the least-complicated meats to work with.

Its ability to soak in and complement a variety of flavours has made it a favourite with just about every cuisine in the world. Even within India, different states approach chicken differently, giving rise to several classic dishes. Now, to make your snack-time a delicious feast, we have curated a list of North Indian chicken snacks. Take a look.

1. Chicken Pakora

We have all heard of onion, spinach and potato pakora. In fact, they are a staple in most homes during the rains. The chicken pakora is a play on this well-loved modest snack and can be rustled up in less than an hour. The chicken dipped in spicy batter and deep-fried is best served with yoghurt dip or mint chutney. Click here for recipe.

Chicken pakoda is very easy to make

2. Chicken Potli

Chicken Potli or chicken pouch is the perfect bite-size appetiser that you can devour during tea time or as a precursor to dinner, perfect for parties. It gets its name from the fact that the spicy meat filling is held inside a dough that is shaped like a bag. It is easy to make, yummy to taste and lovely to look at. Click here for recipe. 


chicken potli is a crispy, fried snack

3. Malai Murg

Want a recipe that is easy to make, quick to prepare and is rooted in tradition? Then follow this recipe of Malai Murg, which has been a famous dish across the country – North India, in particular – for ages. Click here for recipe.

4. Murgh Kurkuri

Who doesn’t like crunchy, succulent chicken? This recipe gives you just that in a healthy, low-fat version. The meat is marinated in garlic paste, vinegar, salt and black pepper, giving it a mild-spicy flavour. It is then coated in a mixture of channa, coriander and green chillies giving it a lovely crunch. Click here for recipe.

5. Tandoori Chicken Sticks

Tandoori chicken is one dish that is a unanimous winner at all dinner parties. This recipe can be devoured alone or paired with zesty coriander yoghurt. It acts as a standalone snack or even the perfect starter dish to an elaborate meal. Click here for recipe.

6. Reshmi Tikka

This recipe combines the flavours of spices such as dry roast cumin, coriander powder, black pepper, green cardamom, cinnamon and cloves with chicken. The result is a delicious tikka that will melt in your mouth. Add a little bit of lime over the meat as soon as it is out of the oven for a fresh zing that will tickle your taste buds. Click here for recipe.


Chicken malai tikka is a favourite among everybody

Well, we cannot pick just one dish from this amazing list of yummy chicken specials. Tell us your favourite.

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