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5 Delicious And Healthy Ways You Can Include Karela In Your Diet



If you have consciously avoided eating bitter gourd all your life, we are here to convince you to do otherwise. Karela, as it is known in many parts of India, is one of the most nutritious vegetables that you can put on your plate. For starters, the vegetable is extremely low in calorie content and therefore is the perfect food to incorporate into your weight-loss diet. In addition to this, it is also rich in fibre, vitamin C and is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it an ideal food to promote digestion and regulate blood sugar levels. This is probably why our parents were adamant to feed us the less-than-tasty vegetable regularly. But what if we told you that this healthy vegetable also has a yummy side to it that is waiting to be explored.

Here are five healthy and tasty recipes that you can make using bitter gourd.

1. Karela Tikki

This recipe is an extremely healthy and tasty creation that can be enjoyed by everyone. The tikki is even diabetic-friendly, placing it right on top of the healthy food chart. The dish is also very simple to make. All you need to do is grate karela along with a few other healthy vegetables and mix them with flour to form a soft dough. Make small tikki out of the dough and shallow fry. Check the recipe here.

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This yummy tikki will change the way you think about Karela. 

2. Karela Bhurji

You may have heard of egg bhurji and paneer bhurji. Now try your hands on the tasty and nutritious karela bhurji. The simple recipe involves modest ingredients such as tomatoes, chillies, onions, ginger, garlic and cumin, among others. The tangy flavour is brought in by adding some lime juice, making this fry a perfect side to some dal and rice. Take a look.

3. Karela Dahiwala

This recipe combines the nutritional values of bitter gourd with the probiotic properties of curd. With just karela, yoghurt and some traditional Indian spices, this recipe is easy to cook and yummy to taste. Check it out here.

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This interesting twist to the bitter Karela will bring a smile to your face. 

4. Karela Thepla

If you love thepla, this is a recipe that you must try. The simple thepla is elevated thanks to the healthy properties of bitter gourd and flavourful spices. The guilt-free dish is again diabetic-friendly and can be incorporated into any meal of the day. You can also pair it with a variety of chutneys and sauces based on your preference.

5. Karela Leaf Pakoda

In addition to the vegetable itself, even the leaf of bitter gourd can go into making some delicious dishes. If you are someone who loves munching on pakodas and chai during the rainy season, this time replace your potatoes, spinach and onions with some bitter gourd leaves. You can use an air fryer to make the recipe healthier and with less oil. These fritters are crispy, healthy and fuss-free, allowing you to binge on them without any guilt. Here’s the recipe.

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Love munching on crunchy Pakoras? Try this yummy recipe made with karela leaf. 

We can’t wait to try out these interesting recipes. Tell us which one you are recreating first.

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