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5 Best Vegetable Peeler Options For Your Kitchen



Peeling, cutting and chopping vegetables can be a tedious and time-taking task. And this gets even worse when we have a bad peeler at home. A bad peeler not only makes things tough for us, but also ends up causing unnecessary pain to wrist and arms. This brings up the question – what defines a good peeler? Well, they will glide through the vegetables very quickly and give better results with less effort. So, it’s time to upgrade your old peelers with the advanced and new ones.

We have rounded up 5 vegetable peeler options that can help you make a wise decision while picking one for your kitchen. Let’s find out!

1. Amazon Brand Solimo Stainless Steel Kitchen Peeler

This is a combo set by Amazon exclusive brand Solimo, which includes two stainless steel blade peelers. The plastic handle makes it comfortable and safe to hold. It also has a sharp eye remover on the sides that can effectively remove all the potato and pineapple eyes.

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2. Victorinox Multipurpose Peeler

Another stainless-steel Y-peeler, it is easy to grip and capable of peeling huge quantities of vegetables effortlessly. This peeler is double-edged and eliminates the risk of cutting fingers.

3. Nova Plastic and Steel Magic Peeler

Besides peeling, this peeler can also be used to grate ginger and garlic. It is safe and has a very easy grip. While using it, you just have to hold it from the corners like a usual kitchen peeler.

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4. Ritu Stainless Steel Knife And Peeler Set

This pack comes with a set of two knives and one peeler. Each product has stainless steel blades that help you fine chop the ingredients and peel the skin of vegetables quickly and efficiently.

5. EMNDR Stainless Steel Peeler And Grater

This multipurpose product is ideal for both grating and peeling. It removes the skin of the fruits and vegetables and also helps shred carrots, cucumbers et al.

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