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Ever Tried Making Popcorn In Foil Wrap? This Hack Actually Works – Find It Here



Be it a game night or movie date – we just can’t think of any without a tub of delicious, buttery popcorn by the side. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that popcorn, alongside a movie or match, elevates the whole experience. This is why we always stash packets of maize kernels in our pantry whenever we need them. All you need to do is, open the packet, pour it in a microwave-safe bowl, add condiments of your choice and microwave. You can also make it in a pressure cooker by just removing the whistle. It just takes a minute or two to get a bowlful of crunchy popcorn for snacking.

While microwave oven and pressure cooker remain the most popular ways of making popcorn at home, we also came across a method that’s quirky and very interesting. Internet is loaded with various cooking hacks – some of which work and others don’t. Recently, we stopped by the Facebook page of social media influencer ‘Johny Nonny’, who tried one such trending cooking hack for making popcorn at home – in a foil wrap. Yes, you heard us.

In the video, we could see Johnny placing a foil wrap on a pan and adding maize kernel, sugar and coconut oil to it. He then mixes everything together and adds a dollop of butter on the top. He takes another foil wrap to cover the mix and switches on the stove.

After a while, we could see the foil wrap swelling up. He then switches off the stove and opens the wrap to find some delicious, sweet and buttery popcorn ready to be indulged. “THIS IS THE “SWEETEST” POPCORN HACK!” the video title read.

Take a look at the video:

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The video went viral in no time garnering 197k likes, 26million views and 10k comments. “John Nonny you make me laugh,” read a comment. Another person wrote, “I love that you guys actually comment on your posts. You da best. Keep making people smile!”

Would you want to try this hack at home? Let us know in the comments below.

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