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5 Best Toor Dal Options To Prepare Soul-Soothing Sambar



Dal is one staple ingredient in almost every kitchen pantry. From a simple dal tadka to rich and creamy dal makhani – we can whip up a pool of recipes with dal. If you explore, you will find various dal options around – toor dal (or arhar dal) being a popular choice among all. And the very first dish we associate to toor dal is a bowl of soul-soothing sambar. It is simple, flavourful and comforts us to the core. The best part is, we get multiple food options to pair with sambar – rice, dosa, idli, vada and more. This is why, sambar never gets bland or boring to us.

Like us, if you too are a fan of sambar, then we suggest, stash your pantry with a packet of toor dal and make yourself a bowl of sambar anytime you want.

Here’re 5 Toor Dal Options For You:

1. Tata Sampann Unpolished toor dal :

Packed with protein, Tata Sampann toor dal can be a perfect option to cook a comforting dal-chawal meal. Besides sambar, you can also use this dal to make rasam, dal fry etc.

2. Laxmi Daily Feast Unpolished Toor Dal :

This packet of dal will load you up with every essential nutrient our body needs for healthy living. This pack of toor dal is a flavourful protein alternative for any meal . Besides, it comes with a moisture-resistant packaging that helps extend the shelf life of the dal.

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3. Pro Nature Organic Toor Dal :

We found you another high quality toor dal that is loaded with fibre, protein minerals and more. It is organic, unpolished and makes an ideal choice for daily use.

4. Angur Toor Dal

This packet of dal can be a perfect addition to your daily meal regime. It is healthy, versatile and can be used to prepare a myriad of dishes.

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5. Dhaanya Toor Dal :

This pack of dal claims to be rich in flavour and nutrients and is ideal for making dal tadka, dal fry, sambar and other dishes. Add spices, herbs and vegetables to give it a drool-worthy texture and an aromatic pack of flavours.

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