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Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur Shares Tips To Make Perfect Malabar Parotta – Find It Here



Indian cuisine is widely appreciated for its flavours, aroma and spices. But hardly have we spoken about the wide variety of breads the cuisine offers to accompany those delicious kebabs and curries. Chapati, paratha, bhakri and more – we find a range of flatbreads to satisfy every palate. In fact, each regional cuisine boasts of unique breads that hold a constant position on their traditional thali. Take Malabar parotta, for instance. Can you imagine Chettinad chicken without Malabar parotta by the side? At least, we can’t. Soft and flaky parotta (also called barota) elevate the whole meal experience in no time.

A South Indian cousin to the popular laccha paratha, Malabar parotta has a very unique texture which is soft yet crispy, flaky yet fluffy. Appealing, right? While the cooking technique for both Malabar parotta and laccha paratha is quite similar, what differentiates the two is the usage of ingredient. While laccha paratha is made of atta, parotta includes maida, making it softer than the former.

How To Make Malabar Parotta | Malabar Parotta Recipe

All you need to do is knead soft dough with maida, cut it into small portions and roll into a flat roti. Then brush ghee on the parotta and fold it from corner to corner and roll again. Folding helps you get the layers of the parotta. Trust us, it’s not as simple as it sounds. We often struggle to get the exact softness and fluff in the bread. But it seems celebrity chef Kunal Kapur has got us covered here.

He recently took to his Instagram handle to share two simple tricks that can help you get the desired texture of the Malabar parotta. Let’s take a look:

Make sure you leave the dough to rest for a while. Do the same after making the lacchas (just before flattening with a rolling pin). This helps you get that fluffy texture of the bread.

Always keep the tawa on the high flame while cooking parotta. Remember, that’s how it’s made to get the perfect texture.

Find the video post here:

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We also found a chef-special Malabar parotta recipe by Kunal Kapur. Take a look:

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So, what are you waiting for? Get set with all the ingredients and make yourself some yummy Malabar parottas this weekend. 

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