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5 Ancient Superfoods That Made A Comeback In Healthy Modern Diets With A Bang

Make these traditional foods a part of your diet.


  • Many traditional foods are making a comeback in modern times.
  • Our consultant nutritionist listed the best superfoods from the lot.
  • Include these superfoods in your diet for good health.

Looking back at the last few years I realise that there was a resurgence of the “Forgotten” and Traditional”. With everyone looking for that one perfect solution to their health problems, many age-old, ancient foods came back in favour once again. Health experts reminded us of the many benefits of using these foods in our diet that our parents and grandparents grew up eating. Here I am listing down 5 of the most popular foods that made a comeback with a bang. 

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The Famous Five Ancient Foods that rocked our world are:


Pronounced ken’wa, kinwa or kinuwa, it had everyone swooning over its rich antioxidant flavonoids quercetin and kaempferol. Being gluten-free and having a complete protein profile, it is one of the healthiest grains to choose. We Indians made quinoa pulao, biryani and used quinoa flour for chappatis, dosa etc. But, hey, you can never have too much of a good thing!      

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I first heard of it while studying in college. Called the poor man’s cereal, it is hardy humble crop. Nutritionally sensational – with high a quality protein content of 13-14%, this gluten free pseudo grain leaves the others far behind. While Amaranth is popped like corn in South America, we have traditionally used it as breakfast porridge. Its recent popularity has pushed it to being a part of ready-to-eat breakfast cereals, muffins, Tabbouleh, granola et al. Way to go. 

Goji Berries:

These are the fruits of the acai palm tree. They have heart-healthy fats, natural antioxidants, Vitamin C and Carotene, fibre and pre-biotic sugars. Their health benefits have placed them amongst the Superfoods. Suddenly they are a celebrated ingredient of lots of recipes and trail mixes. I even found a spicy version to cater to Indian tastes.


These Foxnuts popped up to the top of the snack chart in the recent times. You can buy them in wasabi, caramel, peri peri and other endless flavours. Good snack for the heart and diabetes patients.

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Now that we know about its anti-inflammatory properties, this spice of Indian kitchens has become the toast of the world. It is being added to roasted vegetables, smoothies, sprinkled on avocados, and the raw root is a part of healthy salads too. The latest fad is turmeric latte and turmeric tea. We always knew it, now the world is acknowledging it.

About Rupali DattaRupali Datta is a Clinical Nutritionist and has worked in leading corporate hospitals. She has created and lead teams of professionals to deliver clinical solutions for patients across all medical specialties including critical care. She is a member of the Indian Dietetic Association and Indian Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition.

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