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4 Glass Utensils That You Must Have In Your Kitchen



Whether you like to organise small tea parties at home or like to host occasional soirees every then and now, the best experience begins and ends with the glass utensils you choose. Glass utensils are an essential part of cooking as well as dining. Not only they make your cooking easier and comforting but also add an element of style to your dinner table. Here we have an interesting list of glass utensils for you to choose from.

Here Are 4 Must-Have Glass Utensils:

1. Baking dish

Borosil Square Glass Baking Dish

If you are a baker and looking for a sturdy glass baking dish, then your search ends here. This Borosil Square Glass Baking Dish is made of 100% borosilicate glass and can withstand temperatures of up to 350 degree Celsius. Not only is it tougher than regular glass but also scratch-resistant.

2. Glass

VACHHRAJ Glassware Crystal Clear Pineapple Shaped Juice Glass Set

A beautiful set of six glasses that are perfect for your brunch get-togethers or cocktail parties. An ideal pick for people who fancy collecting stylish glass sets. The glasses come with a heavy glass base to avoid tippling or accidents.

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3. Cup

Sillio Glass Tea and Coffee Cup

This clear glass coffee/tea cup set is an ideal pick for people who like to flaunt their drink while having it. With their chic design and size, these cups are easy to hold so that you can enjoy every sip of your hot beverage.

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4. Airtight glass bowl

Femora Borosilicate Square Glass Food Storage Containers

Easy to cook, store and serve food, this set of 3 airtight glass containers is a perfect choice for people who are pressed for time or for bachelors and college students. With smart locking lids with vents, these containers keep your food safe from leakage and spoilage.

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