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4 Glass Sets For Drinking Juice At Home



A glass of juice is something we can never say no to, don’t you think? Be it to beat the sweltering heat or simply to freshen up amid a hectic day, juice is just the perfect drink to sort it all. More than anything it is the go-to drink to serve guests at home or a get-together. But let’s just agree that be it any juice, it won’t be as attractive when served in a regular, simple glass as it might look in a shiny, fancy one. Glasses play a major role in the appeal of any mocktail, cocktail or even water!

So if you are planning to buy a set of glasses for juice for your home, we’ve got some of the best options for you right here!

1. VACHHRAJ Glassware Crystal Clear Pineapple Shaped Juice Glass Set

With a stunning pineapple-like shape and brilliantly-crafted design, this set of 6 glasses is quite a vision! It has a heavy solid glass base, perfectly balanced to prevent tipping and spilling. Along with that these glasses are completely dishwasher-safe besides the fact that it will not etch, cloud or discolour.

50% off

2. Syanka Glasses

Want to gift a set of juice glasses? Here’s your perfect pick! This set of 6 glasses with a durable thick walled design and heavy weighted base keeps your drink insulated at the perfect temperature for longer, no matter if you prefer it ice cold or at room temperature. One look at these beautiful glasses and you will fall in love!

3. Satvikaya Crystal Clear Glass

Simple yet stylish, this set of juice glasses have a thick bottom so it can stand firm lying on the table and does not slip as easily as other cups. It is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean!

65% off

4. Femora Clear Glass Chrome Glass

Want to upgrade your drinkware to a more sophisticated set? This elegantly-designed glass set made of quality material is just the perfect one to use at home and also goes perfectly well for gifting purposes.

13% off

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