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“2Kgs Down In 1 Month!”: Sameera Reddys Weight Loss Journey Is The Motivation We Need



Sameera Reddy shared her weight loss journey on Instagram.Image Instagrammed By Sameera Reddy

Weight loss is one journey that is different for different people. While for some people, it is easier, for others, it is easier said than done! Nevertheless, each weight loss journey is an inspiration to many in its own ways. But all you need is to be patient and consistent so that later when you achieve your weight loss goals, you can inspire others with your story! Such is the weight loss journey of actor Sameera Reddy who is currently setting fitness goals for her fans and followers!

The mother of two recently took to Instagram to share how she had set a monthly goal to lose two kilos which led to her coming down to 89.9 kgs from 92 kgs in a month! Sameera revealed that she started what she calls #FitnessFriday where her goal was to come together, share ideas and achievements and involve more people to share their fitness thoughts to let them know they aren’t alone, and it completed a month. Take a look at the video she shared:

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Talking about her diet, Sameera wrote in her caption that she’s a “big emotional eater” and needed to “stay focused on mindful eating habits” which was hard in the past few months. #FitnessFriday made her keep a track of her weight and kept her motivated. The actor revealed how intermittent fasting has been working really well for her, wherein she fast for 16 hours and eat only in her 8-hour window. That is some serious dedication there! The actor now plans to move ahead with a bit of portion control and says that we all have our own way to lose weight.

Sameera had been sharing her fitness routine on Instagram too where she had been regularly doing Yoga.

Here’s looking out for more inspiration from the fitness diaries of Sameera Reddy!

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