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2022 Subaru BRZ to debut Nov. 18

The 2022 Subaru BRZ will be officially revealed to the world in production form on Nov. 18, the Japanese automaker announced Wednesday. Like most of 2020’s big reveals, the 2022 BRZ will be shown online.

We’ve known for some time that the next-generation BRZ’s debut was imminent. After all, disguised prototypes have been testing on public roads in southeast Michigan, and one such prototype was also shown (still camouflaged) to attendees of a charity preview event last month, from which a few images leaked. 

To put it bluntly, we really don’t know much else about the forthcoming Subaru BRZ (or its Toyota twin, the 86). In fact, Toyota has been even more tight-lipped than Subaru in this regard. What little we’ve heard suggests that most of the platform enhancements will come from Toyota’s side of the twins’ joint development program, while the powertrain will again be sourced from Subaru. This runs counter some rumors we’ve heard that longitudinal engines from Toyota’s portfolio, which includes turbocharged four-cylinders, could potentially make their way under the hood. 

An evolutionary engine offering makes more sense than any sort of revolutionary leap forward, as Toyota now has a four-cylinder Supra model in its lineup. This effectively acts as a ceiling for the 86’s performance. Subaru has its WRX and STI models to consider too, but that’s a fundamentally different conflict of priorities, as the Supra is far more similar to the 86 than the BRZ is to either of its performance-oriented showroom siblings. 

Encouragingly, the prototype we saw on public roads was being benchmarked against a turbocharged Ford Mustang. While it would be tempting to jump to the conclusion that Subaru is targeting the Mustang for power output, it’s far more likely that the comparison is more holistic, rather than focused on powertrain performance alone. The lighter Subaru and Toyota coupes won’t need quite as much power to keep up with the larger, heavier pony car, so expecting the twins to compete with the EcoBoost Mustang’s 300-ish horsepower is grounded more in wishful thinking than reality. 

Fortunately, we only have a couple of weeks left until we find out for certain. Stay tuned!

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