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2022 Nissan Frontier teased before full reveal this Thursday

Both the 2022 Nissan Frontier and 2022 Nissan Pathfinder will be revealed this week, on Thursday, February 4. We got a Pathfinder teaser late last week, and now Nissan is doing the same with the Frontier.

There isn’t a whole lot to go off, but we get quick glimpses of the grille, rear fender, and upper cab in the quick six-second video. The grille is the most intriguing bit to look at. It’s all blacked-out with thick criss-crosses and two horizontal bars going through the center. Nissan’s new logo is displayed prominently in the upper part of the grille. Curiously, it’s not directly in the center, as Nissan is opting to position it at the top. We’ll note that this particular truck is a PRO-4X model, so the grille could be different from the other trims. The Nissan logo itself will certainly have different coloring, as the red accents within it are exclusive to PRO-4X trucks.

“Frontier” is molded into a trim piece that sits on the leading edge of the hood, ensuring that everybody knows you’ve got a Frontier. We also get a quick glimpse of the LED running lights looking blocky and bold. It’s all sharp edges and clean cuts, which is what we were expecting after seeing the prototypes in spy photos.

The beginning of the video depicts a glossy black wheel wrapped in an all-terrain tire spinning in sand. We can spot some silver accents on the spokes, and the red Nissan logo looks sinister. Nissan’s shot of the cab doesn’t tell us much of anything. It looks like a truck. Surprise! The shot of the rear fender is good, though. We can see a new PRO-4X logo, now with red coloring accents. Plus, there’s a short look at the new LED taillight. 

The wait to see Nissan’s new Frontier isn’t long at this point — you’ll be able to watch the unveiling on Nissan’s reveal site at 1 p.m. ET this Thursday.

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