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2022 Ford Maverick size comparison: How big is it vs. Ranger, F-150?



The 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup is here, and it’s a seriously intriguing piece of kit. One question we had (and we’re sure many of you do too) is how its size compares to the other Ford pickup options.

Ford had only the F Series and its wide array of configurations a few years ago. Then the Ranger came along. Now, the Maverick joins the pair among Ford’s rapidly expanding pickup options. That means there are three sizes of trucks for three different use cases. The powertrains and unibody construction obviously differentiate the Maverick from the others, but it’s tough to judge scale by simply looking at artsy press photos of a pickup.

To solve this, Ford mocked up a handy graphic that shows exactly how much smaller the Maverick is compared to its other pickups. You can scrutinize that at the top of this post. Compared to its closest neighbor, the Ranger, it’s 11.1 inches shorter. That’s nearly a foot, subtracted from both the front and rear. The most affected area is the Maverick’s bed. It’s a 4.5-foot bed, whereas the Ranger in SuperCrew format has a five-foot bed (61 inches to be exact). We’re using the Supercrew for comparison, since it lines up closest with the Maverick’s exclusive full-four-door setup. If you do go for the Ranger Supercab, you’ll be working with a larger six-foot bed.

You’ll notice a slight difference in rear legroom between the Maverick and Ranger, but the Maverick wins this comparison. Where the Ranger maxes out at 34.5 inches, the Maverick offers a 36.9-inch maximum (or 35.9 inches with the Hybrid). That gives you an idea of where the priorities are for these pickups — the Ranger is for work and play, whereas the Maverick is more of a family vehicle with a bed or crossover alternative. The height difference is minimal, but the Ranger is taller by 2.4 inches. Once again, though, the Maverick has more space inside the cabin, beating the Ranger for second-row headroom by 1.3 inches. The Maverick’s slightly reduced width should help make it a little easier to park and maneuver than a Ranger, too. It’s 2.3 inches skinnier (if you include the mirrors), making it easier to live with everyday.

The difference between the Maverick and an F-150 is where things begin to spread out. Your typical F-150 Supercrew with a 5.5-foot bed comes in at 231.7 inches, making it 32 inches longer than a Maverick. That means that if your garage is just a couple feet too short to hold an F-150, the Maverick will very likely fit. The F-150’s extra length pays dividends in interior space. Rear legroom is a massive 43.6 inches, which is 6.7 inches more than the Maverick at its best (non-Hybrid). The F-150 is still the go-to if you want a mountain of space and super airy interior, but the Maverick looks like it’ll be more than enough for kids or smaller adults to be comfy. Plus, you won’t be suspiciously eyeing those maximum height signs when entering tight parking garages. The Maverick’s tighter turning radius will help you once you’re in the garage, too.

It’s hardly worth the comparison, but Ford included an F-250 Super Duty configured as a Crew Cab with a short box for additional perspective. The Maverick is 20% smaller and nearly a foot shorter in height. That says more about how gargantuan the biggest pickups are today than how small the Maverick is, but it’s still a helpful comparator to understand how big the Maverick is.

You’ll be able to see this little pickup in person on dealer lots in the fall and do your own comparing and contrasting to see if it’s the right size to fit into your life.

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