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“You’re Wrong”: Court Pulls Up Drug Controller Over Gautam Gambhir Report



The Delhi High Court also pulled up Gautam Gambhir (File)

New Delhi:

The Delhi High Court Monday came down heavily on the drug controller for not properly examining how BJP MP Gautam Gambhir procured huge quantity of Fabiflu, used for treating COVID-19 patients, and said the tendency of people to take advantage of a situation to appear as saviours has to be denounced.

The High Court said its confidence in the drug controller has shaken and rejected its status report filed in connection with its inquiry into procurement of the medicine by the cricketer-turned-politician Gambhir.

The High Court said everyone knows that the drug was in short supply and while Mr Gambhir bought thousands of strips of the medicine, other people who needed it could not get it on that day.

“You (drug controller) are wrong to say it was not in short supply. You want us to shut our eyes. You think you would get away with this.

“You can’t take us for a ride. If you think we are so gullible, so naive, we are not. You better do your job. If you can’t do your job, tell us, we will have you suspended and let someone else do your job,” a bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Jasmeet Singh said.

The bench also pulled up Mr Gambhir for again making a statement that he will continue to do such work.

“We have already said it is a malpractice. This tendency of people trying to take advantage and then trying to appear as a saviour when they themselves created the problem, has to be denounced. And then the person goes on to state he would do it again. If it continues, we know how to deal with it,” the bench said.

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