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Wear Mask, Follow Covid-19 Guidelines, NCP Urges Raj Thackeray as MNS Chief Remains Defiant

Days after Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray was seen blatantly violating Covid-19 norms, NCP spokesperson Clyde Crasto has written an open letter to him, requesting him to follow protocol. The MNS chief’s defiance comes amid cases in Maharashtra surging to over 11,000 on Sunday.

“We all know that one of the best ways to avoid the coronavirus is to wear a mask, and many of us have been wearing it diligently. Our government has been taking all the necessary steps in educating citizens to follow all the safety norms and though successful in many ways, we are still fighting with this life threatening virus,” Crasto wrote in his open letter.

In all his recent public appearances, Raj Thackeray was seen without a mask. When asked about it, he had said he did not wear one. During his recent Nashik tour, he had also asked one of his party office bearers to remove the mask that he had worn.

Taking objection to this behaviour, Crasto wrote further, “You, Raj Saheb, are an inspiration, mentor, friend and guide to your innumerable followers and one statement from you regarding Covid-19 safety measures will make them follow it without a second thought. I therefore very humbly request you to wear a mask and set an example to not just your followers but to every citizen of our country and strengthen our resolve to fight the disease.”

MNS hasn’t yet responded to the open letter written by the NCP spokesperson.

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