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VW T7 prototype shows Multivan’s lines in new spy photos

Spy photos from across the Atlantic are giving us a look at Volkswagen’s T7 Multivan prototype. If you’re feeling the drag of these January doldrums and looking for something to lift your spirits, might we present this plucky (and unobtainable) little hauler?

VW’s prototype looks production ready from 50 feet or so, but up close, you can see that it’s employing color-matched tape and other trickery to fudge the details. In broader strokes, the profile has sort of a Mazda5-ish (RIP) vibe about it, but with a vehicle designed to be this utilitarian, you can’t really expect a ton of flash. 

And while it may be utilitarian on the outside, that doesn’t mean the T7 will be sparsely appointed inside. From these two photos sent to us previously, we can see that the T7 will adopt the interior styling of the new Volkswagen Golf. Even this yet-unfinished interior looks quite sharp for something you’d find in an otherwise fairly unremarkable minivan

Not much else is yet known about the upcoming Multivan. It is expected to ride on the MQB platform, which means that both 48-volt electrical architecture and electrified powertrains are on the table. A plug-in hybrid prototype has already been spotted in the wild, but we’re not sure a full battery-electric variant would make sense outside of Volkswagen’s ID sub-brand. A diesel-powered model is also reportedly in the works. 

And, as usual, there’s not much reason to get excited about this on our side of the ocean. Eurovan? That’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. A long time. 

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