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Viral Post Makes People Order Food Online For Others; See How It All Began

A couple’s unusual restaurant order went viral.


  • A couple ordered breakfast meal online, at their favourite restaurant.
  • They requested the restaurant to gift the meal to someone needy.
  • The restaurant posted the online order that went viral.

Doing something good for others always makes us happy. Help can be in any form – cash or kind, or sometimes, even food. A viral post prompted scores of netizens gifting meals to total strangers through online orders, that too with some love-filled notes accompanying the orders. It all started when a restaurant in California received a strange but heart-warming food order. A couple living in Texas was missing eating from their favourite restaurant in California but could not travel all the way there. So, in a strange way to satiate their craving, they placed an online order with the restaurant to gift a meal to someone else. 

The restaurant called Playa Provisions is run by Brooke Williamson of Top Chef fame. The restaurant uploaded the printed version of this unusual order on their Instagram handle, and needless to say, the post soon went viral. 

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The order reads: Here’ the deal. We live in Texas, but back when travelling was a thing, we loved you guys. So we want to buy someone breakfast today. In someone in staff is hungry let them eat or just pick someone. Love -Donlielle and Jaclyn. 

The viral post caught the fancy of many internet users and they also ordered a meal to be gifted to someone else. The overwhelmed restaurant posted another picture of their entire staff thanking their patrons for all the love being showered on them.

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The long message read, “To everyone who participated in random acts of kindness that allowed us to feed our local heroes (including our staff), we are blown away. The viral outpouring of love and support from all over the country in the form of orders through our website with heartfelt notes added were unlike anything I’ve seen or experienced.”

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