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This ‘Fake Cake’ Hack Will Let You Gift A Fancy Cake To Your Loved One Without Baking!



This cake hack is a must-try.

Every novice cook has a hard time acing the art of baking. Baking alone can be cumbersome task, leave alone the decorating part. But if you are a social media buff like us, you would already know that you have internet to run to for any cooking, baking or kitchen tips. It is really surreal that you can find answers to anything that’s bogging you down. So if you want to gift a home-made fancy-looking birthday cake to your loved one, you don’t have to slog all day in the kitchen, the internet’s got you covered.

We dug out an incredible cake hack for you that will help you make a large and luxe cake in minutes, without having to actually bake. “If you can’t bake it, fake it! Food blogger and baker Zaynab Paruk shared a video of how she converted two ready-made caramel sponge cakes into a 4-tier cake for her child’s 5th birthday. All she had to do was invest a few minutes organising and redecorating them.

Take a look –

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What Zaynab Paruk did was scraping off the topmost layer of the two cakes to place them over each other and smear them with her home-made sea blue-coloured icing. A professional-style cake was ready to impress her kid. “Who says you have to bake your cake and decorate it too?” – Zaynab wrote on her post, and after watching the video, we totally agree with her.

The hack video impressed other Instagram users so much that they couldn’t stop gushing over this ‘life-saving’ hack. The video received more than 19k likes and over 300 comments showering love over this useful tip.

What to do you think of this cake hack? Isn’t it clever? Let us know if you’ll try it yourself and do share the picture of your masterpiece.

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