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Summer Breakfast: 3 Protein-Rich Smoothies You Can Make For A Healthy Treat (Video Inside)



Summer Breakfast: Try these protein-rich smoothies for a healthy morning treat!Photo: iStock

Summer season has officially begun, and with it comes the desire to drink all things cool and refreshing! Whether it’s a tall glass of chilled Nimbu Pani or a Kulchad full of Masala Chaas, there are so many summer drinks which rejuvenate us from within. Hydrating the body is important right from when you wake up to when you sleep, which is why it is important to include healthy drinks in the summer diet right from the very first meal of the day. If you are looking for the perfect summer breakfasts which will kick-start your day and give your body a much-needed protein fix, we have some recipes you can try!

Start your day with a healthy smoothie loaded with essential nutrients. Photo Credit: iStock

From oats to flaxseed and more, there are so many ingredients you can include in your healthy breakfast smoothie to make it enriched with protein. Protein is the building block of the human body, and it bulks up the diet keeping us filled up for longer. The presence of protein in meals also regulates the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin, thus making it ideal for those watching their weight. These three protein-rich smoothie recipes are quick and simple to whip up for the first meal of the day.

1. Banana Oats Smoothie

Move over your regular oats recipe, try this tasty and healthy smoothie made with banana, oats, honey, ginger and more. Click here for the recipe text.

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Summer breakfast: A smoothie can be a fulfilling recipe to add to your breakfast. 

2. Granola Fruit Smoothie

Love fruits in your drinks? This recipe is just for you. The granola fruit smoothie also contains flaxseed powder which is a great source of protein and fibre. Find the full recipe here

3. Strawberry Smoothie

Summers are incomplete without strawberries, so why not include it in a healthy smoothie recipe? This strawberry smoothie is the perfect combination of taste and health.

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Summer breakfast: Try this healthy smoothie for a tasty treat. 

No need to sweat it out in the hot summer months, standing next to a gas stove! Try these simple protein-rich smoothies and relish the goodness of fruits, milk and nuts in a single dish.

Head to the top of the article for the full recipe video, else, click on the link here.

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