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Soha Ali Khan Enjoys Bhutta In Monsoon: 7 Yummy Corn Recipes For You



Monsoon is upon us, and the sight of rain tends us whet our appetite for fried snacks. But for the health-conscious, there is always corn on the cob or Bhutta — a delicious treat that can rival pakoras. The aroma of corn being roasted on a charcoal grill and then rubbed with a yummy mix of chilli powder, salt, and lemon juice is just perfect on rainy days. No memory of jumping in water puddles is complete without a mention of this roadside delicacy. Just like us, Soha Ali Khan seems to enjoy this tasty snack too. Sharing a video on her Instagram Stories, the actress definitely left us craving for some corn on the cob. Take a look:

Soha Ali Khan enjoyed the monsoon season with a yummy snack. 

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Here Are 7 Corn Recipes For You To Try In Monsoon Season:

1) Paneer Corn Sandwich

Try this yummy sandwich recipe stuffed with the creamy goodness of paneer and the sweet crunch of corn mixed with flavourful herbs in some butter toasted bread.

2) Baked Corn With Popcorn Sauce

Impress your guests with this delicious appetiser made with whole corn mixed with tangy chaat masala and spicy green mint chutney. Top it with a delectable sauce made with popcorn creamy and butter.

3) Corn And Spinach Strudel

The savoury version of strudel, which originated in Hungary, is a type of layered pastry dish with a stuffing. This corn and spinach stuffing is healthy and deliciously mixed with earthy thyme and sharp cheddar cheese.

4) Corn Salad

This recipe can be used to make a delish side or eaten as a meal on its own. Sweet crunchy corn tossed together with creamy avocado, the sharp flavour of onions, and tangy tomatoes mixed with a delicious lemon and olive oil vinaigrette.

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5) Thai Charcoal-Roasted Corn

Put a Thai twist to your regular roasted corn with this tasty recipe. The freshness of lemongrass combined with the spice of red chili paste and tang of lemon juice is bound to make a delicious and healthy snack to enjoy on rainy weekends.

6) Corn And Jalapeno Poppers

This dish is bound to be a hit with the kids — crispy corn mixed with slightly spicy and tangy jalapenos and gooey cheese. To make this quick and easy tea time snack, click here

7) Baby Corn Fritters

Move over French fries, and try these deliciously crunchy, slightly spicy batter-fried baby corn dish. It makes for a great tea-time snack or even with some alcohol.

Which of these corn recipes are you planning to try? Tell us in the comments below.

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