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‘One Nation, One Election’ Discussed in Karnataka Assembly Amidst Congress Uproar



Amidst protest from the Congress members, the Speaker in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly gave a go ahead to continue discussions on ‘One Nation One Election’ on Thursday. The Congress MLAs in the House staged the protest by getting to the Well of the House against Speaker Vishweahwar Hegde Kageri’s decision.

The Congress called the discussion a part of the “RSS agenda”. The party also alleged that the discussion was being taken up against the rules of the House.

The Speaker had earlier said that this discussion was being taken up on the advice of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Speaker said that the Congress was backing out at the last minute after having submitted names of speakers from their party for the discussion.

While Congress leader Siddaramaiah agreed that the Speaker had mentioned the topic for discussion in the business advisory committee, his party had not agreed to it.

He said that ‘One Nation, One Election’ is about syncing State and parliamentary elections and it wasn’t for the State Assembly to discuss the same and it was not a matter limited to the State.

Former speaker Ramesh Kumar too hit out at Kageri stating that the Speaker’s powers can be used only under special circumstances and this wasn’t one. He said that the Speaker was misusing his special powers.

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, in turn, hit out at the Congress for opposing the discussion and asked the Speaker to continue while the Congress got to the Well of the House to protest. The Leader of the Opposition called the move dictatorial while the Speaker continued introductory speech amidst the protests.

JDS members on the other hand sat quietly during the chaos. The discussion will continue on Friday following which State budget session will begin on March 8.

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