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No Export Prohibitions On COVID-19 Vaccines, Says White House

Biden administration has denied reports that it has imposed restrictions on export of COVID-19 vaccines.


The Biden administration on Thursday ruled out that it has imposed any kind of restrictions on export of COVID-19 vaccines, amidst reports that European Union has been told by the US that they cannot expect any AstraZeneca shipments anytime soon.

“We don’t purchase AstraZeneca supplies. So there’s no export prohibitions and all vaccine manufacturers in the United States are free to export their products while also fulfilling the terms of their contracts with the US government,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters at her daily news conference.

Vaccine manufacturers in the United States are free to export their products while also fulfilling the terms of contracts with the United States. There are supplies that they are producing for the United States but they can also work with other countries, she said in response to a question.

These companies can work with other countries on selling their products, she said.

“We have conveyed privately what we’ve conveyed publicly which is our focus is on ensuring the American people are receiving the vaccine and that we are vaccinating the American public,” she said.

“That’s our first priority. But we are also engaging with and working with the global community to figure out how we can get the global pandemic under control together. Whether that’s through financial contributions or through you know, navigating with them how we can work together to address it. But we’ll continue to evaluate as more vaccines become available in the United States. AstraZeneca isn’t even approved at this point,” Psaki said.

She said any company can work with any country around the world on the purchase of vaccine supply. “And certainly, that wouldn”t be something the US government would be directly engaged with. But in terms of the supply we have purchased our first focus, our primary focus is on vaccinating the American people. That is what we”ve conveyed publicly and privately as well,” Psaki said.

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