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Naga Peace Talks Back On Track, Claims NSCN(IM)

It has been a year since the talks went into a deadlock. (File)


The largest Naga armed group – National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-IM), which has been involved with peace talks since 1997, on Wednesday claimed through a press release that the Naga political talk teams are back on the table and the talk would continue under the 2015 framework agreement that was signed by the Centre and NSCN(IM) for paving way to the final solution.

NSCN(IM) has also heavily criticised Nagaland Governor and Centre’s interlocutor for the peace talks RN Ravi alleging that he had been “creating unnecessary confusion”.

The NSCN (IM), in a release issued by its Ministry of Information and Publicity, said that the historic “Framework Agreement (FA)” signed on the August 3, 2015 is being brought back to live in order to remove any misinterpretation and thereby hasten the signing of Naga solution agreement.

It has been a year since the talks went into a deadlock.

“It is needless to say that in many points of his statements and conclusions reflected his role as Nagaland Governor and not as Interlocutor. It is a matter of regret that his role as interlocutor is nothing less than disparaging and dismal,” the group has written in the press release.

They further claimed that, the status of the Naga political talks that came up in the last Parliamentary Session was confirmed by the Union Government that it is in advance stage.

“No doubt, this is the ground reality of the Indo-Naga political talk and NSCN talk team is leaving no stone unturned to safeguard the political identity of the Naga people,” the statement further claimed that Mr Ravi has made such a misleading statement before the whole nation

“By blatantly contradicting the government of India and the Indian Parliament besides the 136 crores Indians and the world community in the matter of such sensitive political negotiations going on for more than two decades,” NSCN(IM) further alleged.

“This is the official understanding and the only way to conclude the talk. NSCN, therefore, under no circumstances will fail the Naga people and will never sign any agreement that is short of the mutual standard as agreed upon,” the statement further added.

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